Ellen Rogers
Ellen Rogers

I’m sure that there’ll come a time
When I’ll forget exactly…
…Who I’m supposed to be.

You see it’s a matter of quantity,
(Quality no longer enters into it)
All manner of obscure equations,
Metrics of analyzing othering,
With its multiplication of voices
And sub-division of selves;
While the host of personalities
Residing parasitically within
The remote fortress of my mind
Stake their claim,
Plant the flag.
For all the world
And its interlopers to see ;
Then identity will be little more
Than a possession
By outside forces unknown,
Be they alien, spectral or angelic:
But by then I will be passed caring,
For my empty hallucinating eyes
Will focus on the apparition
Hidden behind the revelation
Of the rent and torn veils:
Our glistening bodies glamorous,
All shimmering and stardusted.

41 thoughts on “Stardusted

      1. Hmmm part of me agrees but another part of me thinks back to Boris Lermontov in the Red Shoes who says, Vickie, little Vickie, there there, life is so unimportant, from now on you shall dance like nobody has ever danced before. Obviously this has flaws but I do love the decadents.

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      2. A lovely dance sequence, beautiful really. I have seen The Red Shoes under duress. The comment to little Vicky flies in the face of the real character of Boris who seems rather an austere and controlling man.

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      3. Welll not sure about amazing (i am always full of doubts), but I have written another Haunt poem. Probably will next turn back to my noir series, so many plans and so little resolutions!

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      4. You are very kind. I don’t really think we have a choice in what we write, but I will take intriguing. As for disturbing, well I try never to censor my unconscious and that is usually disturbing, even to me.

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  1. A whirlwind of confusion and anxiety and yet you seem resigned to this fate. Very visual. I wish I could play the video… can’t get it to work on mobile. Well written Mr. Cake.

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      1. I agree to a point regarding the beauty of insanity… the art brut is a good example. Yet the anguish can be so overwhelming and destructive. Anyway it’s an excellent poem. You’re prolific indeed lately!

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      2. I do too… those dark moods, or conversely my highest highs always seem to be the most creative. If ever I achieve contentment I’m afraid it will all cease.

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      1. Thank you kindly M. Dee. I have been pre-occupied with the idea of haunting and been haunted lately. The last three poems are based on this subject, from different angles.


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