Dream Sublime

Bartolomeu Velho-Figure of the Heavenly Bodies-1568

The stars above, the void below only inclines
So tell me what is the force that compels
Enduring love, boundless desire, the dream sublime

Of the unmoving still point, bisected lines
The circumference of a circle that swells
To the stars above, the void below that inclines

Our too human nature toward the divine
Seeking with the uncertain aid of garbled spells
Enduring love, boundless desire, the dream sublime

Rendering us breathless, tongue tied and supine
In the velvet gloved darkness of fur lined cells
Looking at the stars above, the void below that inclines

Towards the solution of this difficult equation, a cosine
That in the timelessness of the One we will dwell
In enduring love, boundless desire, the dream sublime

That now then and what is to come is yours and mine
Nothing in nature or the world can quell
The stars above, the void below that inclines
Toward enduring love, boundless desire, the dream sublime.

The Sound

Hilma Af Klint-The Swan No.9-1915

Now that I have grown older I hear,
A sound with no perceptible source,
Gaining in frequency as this second
Flows into the next without pause
Humming a refrain that all is in vain
A whisper being visible to the naked eye,

Calling onto an other into becoming I,
Somehow neither there or here;
With the attributes of a weather-vane
Gyrating in search of the source,
As secretive as a tiger padding on velvet paws
The first cause, prime mover of the second.

This duel between selves with no second
And no discernible difference to the eye
Leads to fast forward, then rewind, live pause
Looking for the real, the now and here
The recipe for that sublime secret sauce,
That reveals a true beauty, not the vain

Love of self coursing through the veins
That fails to see another, even a second;
Believing nothing could be the source
Beyond the I, except another I
A world of reflections and images,here
There is no respite or rest or pause,

Leading to the envy of a dozing cat with curled paws,
How you wish to just be in that vein,
To understand intuitively what you see or hear
Exposing the sequence of the first, second
As it blossoms into the tripartite eye
Touching the colours at the source

Dissecting the origins as they return to the source,
Now begins the possibility of a pause,
The unity of plurality, the end of the I.
To hear that furious sound wasn’t all in vain
As it grants the chance to relive the second
When we finally arrived to now be here.

To achieve the source, know that you’re vain
Do it now this second and do not pause
To open the inner eye and listen out to hear.

Forgive me if I took the love as read

Heinz Hajek-Halke

Forgive me if I took the love as read
Our fate and bodies entangled together
It’s my nature to leave things unsaid

To preserve the mystery of the mussed up bed
To forge a chain that nothing can sever
Forgive me if I took the love as read

One of us has been cruelly misled
Confusion reigns as to whether
It’s my nature to leave things unsaid

Blood and love run wine dark red
Weightier than an Egyptian feather
Forgive me if I took the love as read

Desire riots barefoot in the head
I thought we would transverse the forever
It’s my nature to leave things unsaid

Perhaps everything is something instead
The resolution has to be now or never 
Forgive me if I took the love as read
It’s my nature to leave things unsaid

The Knowledge

Wisdom hath built her House-Anonymous 16th Century

Here I am in this world,
But feeling
Not of this world.

Myriad years
Chimerical cities
Phantasmagorical people

Drugged and dreaming
Unaware even
That I was ever there

Stepping into rivers
Do I remember?
Glimpsing a place apart

Black lace veil rent
Revealing the plentitude
Beyond the painted stars

Refractions of the Invisible
Something like a colour,
A touch of light.

The meaning of myth,
Closer to the Absolute
Than precise measurements.

I saw, why couldn’t you?
That you and I
Are but One

All multiplicity seeks
A return so flows
Towards the source

The fire burns hottest
Within the core
Only here gets us there.

21 Bites of the World

Le Monde-Tarot Deck c 19th century

I never denied the beauty:

Imperial pomp of sunrise,
The seductive glamour of sunset.

The snaking voluptuous river,
Swollen with incessant downpours,

The glitter of rare raw minerals,
A glimmer waiting in the depths.

Beyond the mist in the distance,
The harrowing sublimity of mountains.

The perceived chant of the angels,
Drifting across the aether.

The vertiginous descent of the eagle,
Intent upon the sighted prey.

The patient strength of the ox,
Harnessed for growth and generation.

The gilded and haloed lion,
Surveying the buffet of the savannah.

The shining lights of the city,
On the snow capped hilltop.

The voluminous text of flesh
Awaiting to be read in the dark.
The beauty of the world is undoubted:
But I suspected treachery
A beauty that bites after caressing
Wanting to leave its mark
Because it too is just passing
A floating world of samsara,
Always changing; never 
Still: completes a cycles,
 Pauses briefly before transformation
Then same as it ever was,
Is or will be.