You have always been here

From Angel Series, Roma, September 1977 -Francesca Woodman
From Angel Series, Roma, September 1977-Francesca Woodman

After much consideration,
I have come to the conclusion,
That you are not
Who you say you are.
You have always been here,
Not a visitor seeking shelter
From the winter’s storm,
This is your residence
Right here, with Hell
Just around the bend
In the depth-less sunless valley,
With Heaven just a vague rumour,
A distant, insincere promise:
This gimcrack structure,
Aging and weathered
In urgent need of repair
With its endless corridors
And cracked silvered mirrors
A dull pastiche of infinity,
Home to dismal phantoms,
Downwardly mobile angels,
Degraded coarse Demiurges,
Is your eternal abode
Where you wearily survey
With a monstrous apathy,
The chaos of creation,
The loop da loops of time,
This maze of memories.

21 thoughts on “You have always been here

  1. An in breath, an out breath, a coil, a spiral, a parody of fallen angels? Wonderful photography by Woodman. I found more beautifully surreal photography at Curiator: Duane Michals , Enjoyed this beautiful mind bending read Mr. Cake.

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    1. Thank you….I am obsessed by eternal Recurrence and the whole mythology of Intelligences…mind bending is what I am to do. I will check out your pick. I have written about Francesca Woodman before… I will send you the link


      1. I am not sure if the link that Copper Cranes left up is still there in the comments. It is worth a watch, and the answer is, oh boy was there ever. Mother is not very happy that she is mainly known of being the mother of Francesca and not for her own work.

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      2. I sensed her resentment while watching her in the documentary. My feeling is that she is a narcissist, speculation is such fun. My heart goes out to Francesca, she obviously needed to escape what seemed passive aggression, but who knows perhaps it was acted on in a more obvious manner.

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      3. How hard must it be though if you are talented but your child is Sui generis? She certainly doesn’t seem the kind of mother to sit back and revel in her daughters greatness, it must have burnt like ice.

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