Unearthly Raptures


Another time, a different season
Another place, without reason
You and I indivisible
With desires non-negotiable

Instead I observe obsessed
Your body remaining uncaressed
Breasts uncapped by my hands
Your thighs undiscovered lands
Leading to untouched territory
An unchartered perilous country
Where there lies unknown pleasure
Unearthly rapture beyond measure
Your eyes cause ecstatic distress
Your lips an agony of excess
Your breath to me untasted
My lust so terminally belated.

With desires non-negotiable
You and I indivisible
Another place, without reason
Another time, a different season

The Space In Between



The space in between words
Tells the tale.
You have me mistaken;
The rash itch
Of imperatives emotional,
Biological or social
I no longer
Care to scratch.
Pleasurable friction
Ultimate delusion
Double backed beasts
Are heavenly Seraphim
Yet when disentangled
Severed inter-twinned
Organisms threshing
Subsumed to nothing
Too many already
What the world needs
Now is not another
Gaping replicant
Screaming reminder
Of the remorseless
Grinding of the clocks
You yourself are enough
You are beautiful
But so are others
You are yet more
Within lies the germ
Of trans-figurance
I could make you
Yet more;
Create something
Just give to me
Your mind utterly
Surrender your soul
Absolute and completely 
Your body is yours
To give to whom
You do so choose
Just do not confuse
Fleeting ecstasies
Transitory loves
As anything other.
Just remember
That life itself
Is so unimportant.



Now is not the moment;
The moment is now,
One moment, please
That moment of ecstasy
Still yet to come.

Your silence is so eloquent
Articulating the ambivalence
Inherent in you and I
A continuing discourse
On our deferred sensuality
My only mistake
Is every word
That I ever said
Ensnaring me in your games
But now I will make a play
Do you refuse to act?
No now is not the moment
But the moment is now
We stop;
                  Pause for the moment
Soon the pause
Fills our mouths
Then the room
Rapidly expanding
Blotting out the sun
It penetrates further
Still and deeper
Into the soft core
Of the universe;
Now there is nothing
Between us but
This pause.

Eventually at some,
As yet unidentified, 
Point in time
Our mouths will open
Our lips will shape
The words needed
To break this silence
But now is not
That moment;
The moment is now,
Now is
             Just a moment.


Way Now

The Great Escape-Sammy Slabbinck 2013

In a deep trance
Haunted by heavy dreams
The Melancholy Lieutenant
Said to the Ingenue

-There is a hell
Of a universe
Right next door
Let’s go there instead
Come on, what are you
Waiting for?
Way now.

The Ingénue knew
The Lieutenant well
At least in her dreams
Yeah yeah she thought

Existence is always
Somewhere elsewhere
Never here and
Certainly not now
Wherever he was is
Where he didn’t wanna be
Anywhere, please be
To God, but there.

However the Ingenue
Wasn’t quite sure,
Exactly, what it was
That she was waiting for.

And as he talked
She could picture it
The house on the hill
Overlooking the gallows tree
With its strange fruit
Of The One-Eyed One
Swinging from side to side
Waiting for two ravens
With messages from afar
This could be their Valhalla

And all she had to do
Was step through the mirror
And enter the void
Without looking back.

The Ingénue hesitated
For the briefest of instances
And then with an
Uncertain smile
Playing on her full lips
Said to the Melancholy Lieutenant
Who was paler then
A pound of China White

-Which way now then?


Paul Delvaux-The Beautiful Night 1962

We got unavoidably delayed;
The schedule was changed
Without prior notice or warning
We waited for what seemed
Like an intermittent eternity
At the station where
The train never stops
We tried to make some noise
To revive our flagging spirits
But the unbearable silence
Swallowed every sound .
On the deserted platform
We sat perfectly still and watched
The never changing reader-board
Every leaden moment bearing down
And weighing heavily upon us.

But at least love came down to us
In the end and we were together once again,
With glancing hands and looks touching
The salt of despair upon our lips,
Our hearts will break once more.

Super-Imposed Love


I was seeking a greater resolution
Wishing to bring life into focus
Love, I thought,
Would throw into sharp relief
The chiaroscuro background,
The shadowed contours
Of my hidden existence.
Yes love would lend clarity
To the inane hours
Expose the precious beauty
Of everything that happens,
Just because it happens.

Compare, for instance,
The blunt contrast
Between the monochromatic
With it glistening rot;
Everything is hard here
Oh so fucking hard
Surfaces bodies smiles
All so unyielding
So potentially damaging
If you happen to
Fuck it up,
The concrete is unforgiving
Of accidental missteps
If you happen to fall
You will find
That plenty
Take advantage
Of weakness
They are unforgiving
Towards failure;
So different are
My fever dreams
That I dream of you
I envision you
Bedecked with jewels
Dripping with pearls
Surrounded by
Blank-eyes studs
And pretty doll-
Like girls that smell faintly
Of honey and vanilla,
Throughout the night,
They anoint you with oils
As they fondle
Your heavy breasts,
Tender lips bruise
Your neck
Loving finger caress
And part your sex
Many hands glide over
Your contours
Travelling to the places
Where your pleasure
The whole world feasts
On the banquet of your body,
Beloved slut,
Divine whore of my heart
You reside in a region
A timeless azure realm
Beyond good and evil
How I envy you
For reasons you can never know.
If I unlock the cage
And set you free
Would you one day
Return to me?



My lust quickened senses
Compile an extensive inventory
Of your body’s geometry
An algebra of desire
Forming a composite picture
Of continuing treachery.
The curves of innocence
Ascend to the zenith
Of calculating corruption
I’ll bite you until
The blood fills my mouth
With its iron taste
I’ll bury my lips
Into your hollow core,
Divide the golden ratio
Seeking to draw out
A long withheld sigh
From your wanton mouth
Unlock from the inside
The centrifugal forces
Bisect inverted triangles
Fill your womb with
This unbearable lightness
Of being and becoming,
Watch you die Ten-
Thousand little deaths,
And then,
But only then
Will the Circle
Be Squared;
This equation resolved
To my complete satisfaction:
To my absolute regret.

A Curious Quaint Appeal

Courbet-The Origin of the World 1866

You possessed certain attributes
(And still possess I so dearly hope)
Namely an uncertain smile,
A naive, gauche charm
But most of all a unique,
Curious, quaint appeal.

Do you remember that morning
(I definitely remember
But how I ever possibly forget)
It was summer, humidity was high
The stifling atmosphere
Was almost unbreathable
You called, I came
I rang the doorbell
Anxiously waited on the step
Until you open the door
Undressed but for a duvet
That you let slide to the floor
Revealing a naked miracle
I stood there rooted
Torn between illicit desire
And the better angels of a nature
I had never thought existed.
I had a hundred and one perfectly
Valid reasons for leaving
Right there and then:
But maybe there
Is salvation in sin
Maybe the glamour
Of evil and betrayal
Will outweigh the guilt;
Maybe the heavy load
Of a troubled conscience
Is lighter than the
Billion dying spermatozoa
Seeking their only destination
That is within reach
As my fingers testify
As they glance and skirt
In a preliminary skirmish
Through the thickets
And lush undergrowth
Towards the entrance
Of your flooding hollow
You reach down and by
Interlacing our hands
Lead me towards
The bedroom where
Beneath a portrait
By your sister whom
I would never get to meet
I traverse the territory
Of your exposed body;
The sleek Modigliani neck,
The scallops of your ears,
The peaks of your aureoles,
The curvature of your belly,
And deeper still my tongue
After gliding over every
Pore and inch of skin
Penetrates your lips
Into the cavern of
Your mouth with its
Stalactites and stalagmites;
Again you hands lead me
To where I always wanted to go:
Ever since the first moment
That I saw you and I was stunned
As the blood left my brain;
You guide my head down below
And I practice my cunning stunts
To taste your essence
Unusual in its scent
Of honey and vanilla
With biscuit-y undertones
And I dive for oysters
While hunting for pearls
Hidden in this marine realm
Your long legs wrapped
Around my head so tight
That I don’t hear the phone
Ringing out over and over
But you do to infinite regret
And eternal sadness.
To amuse myself I fondle your breasts
And whisper sweet nothings
As you try to cut the call short
But already my work is messaging
To ascertain my whereabouts.

Time, alas, wasn’t on our side
And the circumstances never presented
Themselves to be repeated:
But still to this day I wonder
About your curious, quaint appeal.

The First Rebirth

Frida Kahlo-My Birth 1932

A phrase, a phase
The first rebirth,
The final resurrection.

From the flames the screams
Of primal rage resound
As the phoenix emerges
Whole and resplendent,
Steady steady higher
Into the unbreathable
Aether circling round
And round the unmoving center
That steady still-point
In the whirling chaos
Of concentrated matter
I contain all this and more
Within the confines of my skull
I am immortal, God-size
The unbearable vastness
Of innumberable Aeons
Contracts in a single second
Revealing the designs
The presence of the absence
The dancing specks of light
That feed the inexorable
Hunger of the vainglorious
Deluded Demiurge unaware
Of the imprisonment
Within the constricting coils
Of the self-devouring
Eternally gyrating snake.

The final resurrection
The first rebirth
A phrase, a phase.

Pay Close Attention



Pay close attention.

Open the door, no,
Not that door, the right door
The one on the left straight ahead,
That’s it just keep on going
Nearly there now, I think;
Step inside the dissolving mirror
And what happens?
What do you see?
Come on, spit it out
I need to know
No, you can’t
Or won’t divulge.
Time now to recast
This production its
In a terminal turnaround
However the show goes on
Between the ivory thighs
Of Lady Babalon lies
The possibility of
A new beginning
Even in fact
The Second Coming
But not very likely,
In all probability
It will be
Yet another
Botched Messiah
Jesus the doomed sequel
Christ one point five
Leaving us with the
Ashen taste of revelation
My God I am tasting stars
But they are burnt-out
Extinguished, just inert
Dead heavenly bodies.
This jerry built universe
Badly designed
By a preening savant
Does it ever end?
No, the joker
Hits repeat
And it replays on
And on and on
This infernal loop.

The final curse
Is that we once saw
That unknowable face
Of the untouchable
Goddess up above.
Giving us
A distant glimmer
Of hope in this hell
Of eternal exile
Down here,
Down below.