Eight Phases

Max Ernst-Mer et Soleil 1925


Your rays subliminally influencing
Events in the sublimest fashion
A make believe that control
Is this sense of utter desolation

Waxing Crescent

From this perspective nothing more
Than a finely paired sliver of fingernail
A silvered slice of a majesty
Abstract sterile and unforgiving

First Quarter

Approaching the rapprochement
You’re taking me higher
Away from the prison of self
Seeing from a new vantage point

Waxing Gibbous

Down below an Empire of Dust
Always in danger of drowning
Beneath the tides and waves
Commanded by a baleful Goddess


Turning cycling transforming
Through periods of lunacy
A lucidity that threatens
To consume me with consolation

Waning Gibbous

Finely woven silken threads
Form a ladder between spheres
Tentatively I step before running
With eyes closed in between spaces

Third Quarter

Stately slow celestial procession
The magnificent isolation of beauty
Cold and barren yet inspiring
Worshipful hymns of devotion

Waning Crescent

Nearing the inevitable death
The dark side beckons, smothers
Then the Heavenly metronome
Pauses for a beat, starts again

Into At Upon

Rene Magritte-The False Mirror 1929

Sometimes it is difficult to look into you
For your eyes are a mirror reflecting
Staring through the facade of facile charm
Seeing into my ragged threadbare soul
Held together with staples and sellotape
An echoing chamber of other’s voices
You already know that I’m ancient and weary
And I fear your lofty disdain and contempt

Sometimes it is difficult to look at you
For I know that you possess qualities
That blaze with the intensity of a young star
Nurturing vast seething potentialities
Spreading a soft burnished golden light
Over the warming oceans of its satellite
Illuminating the deepest ravine and valley
Far too fierce to be gazed upon directly

Sometimes it is difficult to look upon you
For this is samsara and we are flowing
Downstream towards the roaring rapids
By chance we floated past each other
And I felt a fleeting sensation of affinity
But soon the current will change course
And with each ebbtide we will drift apart
Taking different tributaries to the destination


Mandala of Pancharaksha

Dream that descend as waterfalls
Illuminating diamond brilliance deepest night
The glowing tail of a shooting star
Flashes of lightning amidst menacing clouds
Lamp shining in an assassin’s cave
Upon awakening transparent as bubbles
Illusions in the watery morning light
See the endless things as a dewdrop

Floating City V

Giorgio Di Chirico-The Enigma of an Hour-1910/1911

Far and wide I have travelled
Through the Gateless Gate of the Jade Courtyard
Bounded the wooden stairs two by two
Discovering within this sparse hotel room
A place as serene as a walled garden
Because waiting here for me I find you
And what species of flowers will bloom
As I stroke the lock of the Vermillion Gate
So I beg of you, don’t open the blinds.