Forever 3:33AM Eternal

Eugena Loli
Eugena Loli

It’s that time of the night
Forever 3:33AM eternal
The hour when the wolf howls
At the big bitch in the sky
The untouchable mistress, unloving
Moon, mother of archaic memories
Baying for blood to nourish the brood
Of nocturnal predators, night creatures,
Witches familiars, demons spawn,
Furious hordes, insatiable cubi,
All the swarming hosts of darkness.

I think that….
We really need…
We got to have us some…
But we can’t get no….

So sleepless
We cackle and fizz:
For a split second
The view is expansive
We can see everything
Future past far
Wide near narrowing
Until it contracts to a vanishing
Still point that finally disappears
Into the oh-so sleazy
Right here-now nowhere
The forever 3:33AM eternal.

The clocks have stopped,
The rest of the world
Is no longer in motion;
Yet you slowly approach,
Rosy red glowing pale-bright
Translucent, tinged with the electric blue
Of raw sex, resonating with the sadness
Of a stone cold seductress
Towards my slouched figure:
You will make a heathen of me
Worshipping in the dead of night
Raised ravished razed by the mystery
Of your magic as I rip through
Your diaphanous veils one by one
All the while praying to you
That it remains
Forever 3:33AM eternal.

19 thoughts on “Forever 3:33AM Eternal

  1. I’m always awake at 3-ish in the morning. And I have my best ideas then too. But who cares about that. I love this poem, it has a breathless urgency. A little bit of desperation and a lot of heat!

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      1. Oh I know that… but if you postpone the idea is lost. So good, Mr. Cake. I like the little transition in the middle; we can’t get no …. sleep.

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  2. An amazing and intriguing poem. Surrealism at its finest, 3:33 AM is the witching hour. I must agree, this is magical and I too am caught up in the 2nd Stanza and a bit bewitched by the artwork.

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    1. Thank you Miss Heart…it is the witching hour and the hour of the wolf… the time of the most births and deaths. I like my magic and glad that the castaway 2nd stanza is such a hit. Took me ages to find an image, it seemed to represent the poem well.

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