Wake Up, Wake Up

Wake Up, Wake Up, Ca-Brittany Markert 2015
Part of the startling, haunted In Rooms series by American photographer and model Brittany Markert, Wake Up, Wake Up, shows a woman (Brittany herself) peacefully asleep in a sunlight room. Hovering above and seemingly emanating from the dreaming figure is a blurred, enlarged astral projection or doppelganger, with a hand clutching the base of the neck and the face contorted in what could be either sexual ecstasy or the distress felt upon waking from a particularly troubling nightmare.

Wake Up, Wake Up, was recently shown at the Magica Sexualis exhibition at the Stephen Romano gallery in New York, another exhibition (see Rituals) highlighting the connection between art and the occult. Influenced by the Surrealists (the work of Francesca Woodman would also appear to be a touchstone), the ritualistic, hallucinatory nature of the photographs of In Rooms suggest a knowledge of certain aspects of the esoteric.

34 thoughts on “Wake Up, Wake Up

    1. Thank you…I feature a lot of black and white photography on the site, usually from the 1930’s but sometimes I see something new and think this is just perfect. i aim for the otherworldly so thank you for commenting.

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      1. Nothing wrong with the here and now. It’s the reality we live and observe. We escape from it when we write and dream. Without the here and now from which to flee, we would have no reason to dream.

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      1. With charts and maps and timelines? I have a vision of you in a dark, tower room in an old manor house, torch sconces on the walls, huddled over a long wooden table lit by candle light, scribbling on parchment with a quill pen dipped in … All right, sorry I’m getting carried away.

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