Brittany Markert-In Rooms-2015
Brittany Markert-In Rooms-2015

The couple I see
In the mirror angled
Just so
Reminds me of you and I
But as in some baroque phantasy
A hazy half remembered reverie
Of some dismal grey afternoon
It could be us
At some point in the past
Or maybe a tangential future
Or even right now
Just there

But though the faces I see
Resemble ours in every detail
And the bodies in motion
Seeking contact
Greater more intense unity
Are an accurate reflection
Of our writhing limbs
It is not us
For they have gone over
Broke on through to the other side
Into a pornotopia
Heard the call of the orgy
Answered panting and howling
Stepped into the circle naked
Submitted to the ritual
Endured the terrors of rebirth
Suckled on the sweetmeats
Of the pornocopia
Greedily drank
The darkest of red wines
Sated every sensation
Until asleep dream
Of daring new combinations
The wildest variations
Paroxysms of inventive carnality

Open your eyes
Do you see?
Come with me
Take me by the hand
Lets step on through
To meet our true selves.

Wake Up, Wake Up

Wake Up, Wake Up, Ca-Brittany Markert 2015
Part of the startling, haunted In Rooms series by American photographer and model Brittany Markert, Wake Up, Wake Up, shows a woman (Brittany herself) peacefully asleep in a sunlight room. Hovering above and seemingly emanating from the dreaming figure is a blurred, enlarged astral projection or doppelganger, with a hand clutching the base of the neck and the face contorted in what could be either sexual ecstasy or the distress felt upon waking from a particularly troubling nightmare.

Wake Up, Wake Up, was recently shown at the Magica Sexualis exhibition at the Stephen Romano gallery in New York, another exhibition (see Rituals) highlighting the connection between art and the occult. Influenced by the Surrealists (the work of Francesca Woodman would also appear to be a touchstone), the ritualistic, hallucinatory nature of the photographs of In Rooms suggest a knowledge of certain aspects of the esoteric.