Dreams of Desire 24 (Ady)

Ady Fidelin & Nusch Eluard- Man Ray
In the September 1937 issue the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar made history by featuring the model, Surrealist muse and Man Ray’s lover Adrienne (also known as Ady) Fidelin within its page. Ady Fidelin was the first black model to appear between the covers of a major fashion publication.

in 1936 Ady,  a young dancer in her mid twenties from Guadalupe met the 46-year-old Surrealist photographer par excellence Man Ray and they quickly become lovers. He introduced her to his circle and Ady features in artistic studies by both Man Ray and Lee Miller and intimate holiday snaps with Paul Eluard and the glorious Nusch Eluard (pictured above and the subject of Dreams of Desire 14 (Nusch by Dora Maar) and Dreams of Desire 15 (Nusch by Man Ray),) Pablo Picasso, Dora Maar and Leonora Carrington. With the outbreak of WWII Man Ray returned to the States while Ady remained in Paris to care for her family. Unfortunately the ground-breaking and beautiful Ady disappears from view after this point.

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31 thoughts on “Dreams of Desire 24 (Ady)

      1. I did feel sorry for her though, I looked for ages and the information was scanty and misleading to say the least, The Guardian newspaper even referred to her as Filipino! As she was the first black model to be featured in a major fashion magazine you would think that some accurate biographical information would be available

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      2. You would think it, but it’s amazing how few people the entertainment industry actually cares about. It’s all about luck, or knowing somebody. *Sigh.*

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      3. And fame is fickle, especially these days. i heard a news story on the radio today which was just reporting the most likes photos on instragram, I’m like seriously, that seems like the death knell of western civilisation to me. Maybe I’m just getting old

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    1. The men well not really, Andre Breton was not very tolerant towards male bisexuality… Rene Crevel was and probably Salvodor Dali, Duchamp became Rrose Selavy for a while but apart from that all pretty much heterosexual… The women was a different matter.

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      1. Art I believe. He also draw a moustache on a print of the Mona Lisa and labelled it LHOOQ (a pun meaning she has a hot ass). Also he exhibited a urinal. I will send you the link to my post about him.

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