Dreams of Desire 25 (Return to Reason)

La Retour a la Raison-Man Ray 1923
A still from Man Ray first film La Retour a la Raison (The Return To Reason) from 1923, a short experimental Dadaist film that includes Rayographs, night shots of the lights at a fairground, dancing mobiles and this being Man Ray, the stippled torso of a beautiful female, his lover the celebrated Kiki de Montparnasse. As with  most of Man Ray’s art the effect is sublimely erotic and yet subtly disquieting.

12 thoughts on “Dreams of Desire 25 (Return to Reason)

  1. Obviously a beautiful model but the lighting, the shadows and the shakiness (slight blurring) of the image make for a compelling piece. You see what I mean about the shaky camera being a thing? You could make it work for you. I really like the Man Ray stuff, misogyny notwithstanding.

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