Rene Magritte-The Lovers 1928
Rene Magritte-The Lovers 1928

All you ever
All you ever wanted
All you ever needed
All you ever
All you ever looked for
Was that intrusion of intimacy
At first, maybe just a glance,
Then the fleeting touch
That lingers for a brief instance
Suggestive of a succession of eternities
Something yet still more
Than the fiction of painless friction
A sovereign surrender
A paradoxical return to the self
Urging to merge together
Indivisible diversity
Rushing towards a paradise
Of blissful annihilation
All we ever sought
All we ever
All we ever tried to find
In tired old hotel bedrooms
Where the leaky faucets
Taps out a tedious tattoo
On the cracked enamel
All we ever
Amongst the haphazardly scattered
Bricks of centuries old ruins,
Beneath a uniform sky
The very denial of colour
All we ever desired
On the encroaching beach
Torching the landscape
With its scorched earth strangeness
All we ever tried to do
In the wasteland littered
With bric-a-brac and detritus,
The untold story of a million lives
Struggle for pleasure,
Was to become intimate
To really feel someone other,
To escape the terror
However briefly,
Even for an instance,
Of the All-Seeing I.

All I ever needed
All I ever wanted
All I ever
Was your intimacy.

55 thoughts on “Intimacy

    1. Well the whole topic of intimacy is vast and complicated and always the surrender of sovereignty involved will contain a hint of reproach, against the other and against the self. Thank you I trust you enjoyed it.

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  1. This is a fine poem which, for me, really captures that sense of wanting or needing an intimacy which may not exist. Your words fit well with the Magritte which emphasises the fact that, no matter how clise we may be, we can never truly know another.

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    1. Thank you Chris. Most things in life are in the head, so we can never be too sure. The Magritte is excellent and rather disturbing. We can never be too sure that we know ourselves, let alone another, and if we did at a particular moment in time, we are constantly changing. Glad you enjoyed.

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  2. Wistful, full of longing. Love the imagery. And really who doesn’t want to find that intimacy with one other? The Magritte painting is wonderful – but I so want them to reveal themselves to each other.

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      1. No not at all. it would ordinary without the hoods. But that is why the painting has so much pull (is that the right word?) – the viewer wants it for them. We see ourselves in their place. It’s the ‘wanting’ that makes the image so powerful. I hope that makes sense…

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      1. It does, you know how fickle the muse is. She comes when she wants and goes when she wants and nothing you can say or do will ever change her mind for even the briefest of instances.

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  3. Dear Mr. Cake, what a lovely surprise, a return to poetry! I adore your poems. This piece is filled with the truths that exist, crushing our wants, and greatest desires. Defeating to say the least to realize our limitations and to remain in a perpetual state of longing. Every line is a gem, I particularly like the following, “Of blissful annihilation”. Is “blissful annihilation” a learned pattern, or for some of us (the universal “us”) are we born with this trait: the welcoming of internal discord, the inability to find absolute comfort and intimacy with the self or with another ? A very intriguing and thought-provoking piece, one that warrants a deeper look and further thought on my part. Bravo! Was this a nap special? Love, “The Lovers”, brilliant painting, so perfect. Thank you for brightening my morning with the stabbing reinforcement of what I always knew in my heart! Olé! ~ Miss Cranes

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    1. I am full of surprises. No so much a nap special but a sleep special…it flowed grand though, otherwise I would have left it to one side. Though I contemplating a longer poem. As to blissful annihilation, well it is the goal of all mystics in whatever religion you care to mention, though obviously incredibly to achieve. Thank you for the warm welcome back, hopefully more to follow, though the muse is always fickle.

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      1. Mr. Cake, you are full of surprises. “Intimacy”, flowed grand. As for the longer piece, is it out and about, or is it still locked in the vault of your mind? You are most welcome, it’s a delight to have you back. ~ Miss Cranes

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      2. It is still in my head, were it may remain. As it’s subject is the prevalence of gnostic thought in modern life (woke, false consciousness, red-pilled, immanentize the eschaton, etc) perhaps it should remain there. Thank you for the warm welcome back.

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      3. Ummm it is more how to adequately express the theme in poetry (or even a story). I was listening to The Last Poets who have a song called Wake Up and I was struck by how similar the left wing theory of false consciousness is similar to the alt-right’s theory of being red-pilled, both of which are derived from esoteric doctrine. Of course the aim of mysticism is to ‘wake up’, but as can be seen in the ultimate Gnostic novel A Voyage to Arcturus what if every awakening was to a deeper sleep, a heavier dream, a more complete illusion? A pilgrim’s progress into delusion? You can see my problem.

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      4. Good point, though I have pretty much sleepwalked through existence so far I don’t know how I could get any sleepier. As for rattling cages, I keep trying, railing against whatever in my odd philosophy pieces, but little or no response. Steven Pinker hasn’t responded to my criticisms yet anyway, too busy driving his Prius and declaring all is fine and dandy with the world.

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      5. Just checked, I was sure you had mentioned Pinker in your posts, and you have. Hmm… what to say about him? Well, if you don’t have anythi… you know how it goes. As for sleepwalking that is completely different state of sleep, so interesting.

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      6. Well I know I shouldn’t say anything about him because I can’t think of anything good to say he just vexes me…nothing more annoying that told that you never had it so good, as if statistics relate in anyway to happiness. Not a word on existential angst, etc. Anyway, I will take a deep breath.

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    1. Thank you Miss Heart for the lovely praise. I am mightily fond of repetition as a device, maybe too fond, but something does happen if you repeat a word or phrase over and over again. I aim for invocation as well. As for the picture, I think it conveys just how difficult intimacy is to achieve. Anyway thanks again.

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