Configuration-Max Ernst 1974
Configuration-Max Ernst 1974

I can’t believe this
I can’t
I can’t believe this feeling,
In control of my desolation,
Home in the alienation.
You said you’d take me higher,
And I’m higher,
Higher than ever before
I can’t believe that
I’m seeing the blue-green orb
Spinning frenetically
Ceaselessly ebbing, flowing, flooding,
Mutability the only constant
From this vantage-point
Of this Empire of Dust.
But I am tranquil in my isolation,
Calm in the knowledge,
Of this monthly death
And rebirth, the steady
Procession of waxing and waning,
Gibbous and crescent,
The fullness that must pass
Into invisibility before re-commencing
As two celestial bodies approach closer,
You take me still higher
The cycle and phases of lunacy,
Rays of translucent illumination
A ladder of fine silken threads
Leading upwards towards a point
Where I can glimpse some kind
Of knowledge, leading to communion
With the stellar inhuman intelligence,
The Alabaster Goddess
Whose light burns like ice
Through my veins to ignite in my mind
A deadly passion for her chill
Embrace over on the far dark side.

30 thoughts on “Selene

  1. The draw of the White Goddess… I have great affection for her. The full moon always keeps me awake and when I fall asleep, my dreams are wild and weird. Inevitably my best ideas come from times like that. This is an exceptionally beautiful poem.

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      1. You know… there’s no reason they shouldn’t other than the two sides having preconceived notions. From chaos and chemistry to those big brained theoretical physicists – that is magic explained in mathematical equation. Oh don’t get me started…

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      2. True… intention is completely different. But sometimes that childlike wonder shows through when they talk about their work. And then it feels like magic. And isn’t there a little bit of trying to make sense of the world in art as well?

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      3. True they don’t have to be mutually exclusive, but they are often antagonistic. Richard Dawkins thinks fairy stories shouldn’t be told to children as the events didn’t happen in reality (no use talking about poetic or mythic truth to such a literalist) and should instead by told tales of science. Hmmm

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      4. Well that’s just ridiculous. Dreams, fantasies and wild flights of imagination have been responsible for scientific breakthrough (the periodic table), industrial invention (the sewing machine) among other things. Not to mention the deeper lessons to be plucked from within the realms of fairytales. Of course some of those lessons are rather grim… like the price for disobedience. Keep the children in line or the witch will cook you for supper. Ah…

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      5. Of course science kind of grew out of magic (chemistry from alchemy, astronomy from astrology etc) so it had to put some distance between itself and its rather dubious ancestors

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      1. These are wonderful. I am a huge fan of his collage novels (o have two out of the three). I have written very extensively on Ernst…maybe about ten posts? Including a whole week of posts, every day a different painting. I will send you a couple of links.

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  2. The effects on all mankind when we look into the wonder and romance of the moon which leads us to look into the depth of our imagination which you have expressed so beautifully in your poetry as always.

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