Hi-Vis, Lo-Res Ragnarok

James Cauty-The Aftermath Dislocation Principle
James Cauty-The Aftermath Dislocation Principle

The idle rogue Al the Angle surveys the scene from the window of the 33rd floor apartment of a high-rise in the unfashionable north-eastern suburbs of Agartha where he’d holed up. He searches the horizons, the immediate, the distant, both the approaching and receding, for the event.
Lighting a cigarette he pauses before turning around dramatically to address his small audience.
“Well, fuck me sideways, backwards and every possible other angle, but blow me first, just after we have shared a glass of Kool-Aid Sangria. Though later my doves and darlings, my languid loves, for now I have to share my vision, the revelation at hand, and I need my cherished clan to bear witness because there are massed ranks of Powers, Principles and Intelligences seeking to crush and destroy the Great Work that we have just commenced, at every turn, every corner and from every angle. Of course every fibre of my being is flexing and straining to avoid this eventuality, but they are legion, their ways are not our ways, their procedures are obscure to the minds of man and I am, after it all, only human. So you are my heirs to whom I entrust everything, for the Process must be completed, we will prevail!
“Now hear this.
“Can you hear it?
“Here comes the drums, banging the tune to the end-times.
“It will be a hi-vis, lo-res Ragnarok.
“See the indeterminate warring factions ordering their indiscriminate followers around.
“Whose side are we on?
“Let’s not worry about sides; we have been spoiling for this for the longest time so that vengeance can finally be ours.
“They have taken us for fools for too long, first they say yes, then no, stop then go.
“To which I say enough already with your canting jargon, your cunning linguist stunts, your arrogant argot.
“The lion has awoken and that means war, trouble and more.
“The writing is on every wall for those who have eyes to see.
“For when they say peace and security then the world is lost.
“Can you see what I see?
“A world no longer just numismatic or hypostatic or statistical.
“Time for a change
“Can somebody in the house say yeah?
“Fuck yes.
“But all this is the work of tomorrow, for now let the show start, the games begin. Let’s drink, ball and shout.
“Can I get an amen?”

(Another elliptical installment in the Showtime series. Random other parts can be found by following the links to Uneasy City, X Marks the Spot, and Rapturous Ascendancy).

20 thoughts on “Hi-Vis, Lo-Res Ragnarok

    1. Well this is the result of a series of coincidences that got me thinking… I was reading up on the picture of the aftermath dislocation which is a model village of a riot scene…all the little people wear hi vis jackets…lately I have noticed that everyone seems to be wearing them, including myself at times in the night for work…and then the yellow vests riots started in France..of course the police always seem to be wearing them lately as well…everyone will be wearing hi vis when the end comes.

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      1. It is odd, the riots are odd, but then the world is getting odd. The line about when they say peace and security is a direct lift from a piece of graffiti from the riots (the French have a talent for this, see the graffiti from May 1968) which is a lifted from the bible. It is exactly what I think.

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      2. The world has gone mad. France is the canary… It all seems very familiar, history repeating itself. It’s very disturbing and not just because Paris is my favorite city in the world. There is chaos everywhere, always has been and will be

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      3. Well believe or not but Pamela Anderson did a very good piece from a left wing perspective on the riots (seriously). Everyone is trying to work an angle, and there are those that always make a killing in a crisis, so why not engineer a crisis. I love Paris I was there only two months ago.

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      4. I think most crisis’ are engineered, wars in particular. Good for Pamela, I will have to find her, see what she had to say. I was in Paris in April of 1996 and in Nov. of 2016. It was peaceful then and so beautiful. I’m glad you love Paris too. It sickens to think of it being vandalized.

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      5. But the French take their civil liberties very seriously indeed, they don’t take anything lying down, hence the government placating the protesters. We all know what happened to Louis XVI and that was the birth of the modern age proper.

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    1. Well it is definitely part of it… it was the connection about recently reading that the future was going to be hi-vis and then all this kicked off…hi-vis vests are being banned in Egypt…they are other factors in play in this piece… this is Al the Angle as cult leader, complete with biblical references, an apocalyptic style and drunk in his own elliptical eloquence, which isn’t logical, of course

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      1. Kool Aid sangria : part Jim Jones part Climax, I think. And the ‘writing on the wall’ and whenever they are saying ‘peace and safety then sudden destruction comes upon them’ … Al the cult leader firing up the congregation.

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