Unreal Estates

The Fatal Temple-Giorgio De Chirico 1914
The Fatal Temple-Giorgio De Chirico 1914

The lassitude at the journey’s end
More tired now than before we left
Over there thoughts tend towards
The infinite, the eternal, the ineffable,
The sky and sleep, the deep and dreams,
Although we observe fleeting impressions
We cannot see things in their totality
We hear but we cannot comprehend
Once I was briefly mistaken for a native
But I am a true citizen of Nowhere

Resident only of wholly imaginary cities
Shimmered reflections in the mirror
Of the lake surrounded by mountains
An agent dealing in unreal estates,
The pregnant stillness before the flash,
The languid ease of definite uncertainty,
Hovering between three distinct stages
That could in the commotion and confusion
Of false memories and vanishing places
Merge and flow together inseparable.

Everybody loves the limpid sunlight
Causing the motes and angels to dance
But close the blinds, shut out beyond
And in the gloom come over to me,
Maybe we can step into that river again?

23 thoughts on “Unreal Estates

  1. I like the imagery in this piece – particularly the seemingly contradictory phrases. Technically the alliteration you have used adds to the flow really well – but none of this should detract from how relatable (and enjoyable to read) this is.

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  2. Ah, you can never step in the same river twice. This has ease and peace with an undercurrent of uncertainty along with resignation. Love the imagery especially of the angels in the motes. Very dreamy

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      1. Narrow, I disagree with. Thematic perhaps. Nonetheless you have written a marvelous poem, one that captures a mood and places your reader in the scene. I loved it.

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  3. A poem that is very expressive, reflective narrative and shows maturity and what impressed me most was a certain gentleness that leaps out of the page, Thank you as always Mr Cake a beautiful poem.

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