The Magistery of Gold

Max Ernst-Le Silence á travers les âges-1968
Max Ernst-Le Silence á travers les âges-1968

Come here you, closer still,
I want you to be the first to know
That gold is all around this town
Beneath the streets & sewers,
Scattered haphazardly here there
Everywhere, enough to dazzle,
Blind the unwary with the glitter,
Shimmering dissolving glamour
When the sun shines again:
Do you have it within to dare?
To serve this magistery right?
To make the mad dream real,
Turn this place into Tenochtitlán,
Render into actuality El Dorado:
Do you possess the strength to will
Into existence all the power & glory
Of this metallic inhuman purity
The cold coalescence of stars?
After you have known, dared,
Willed these forces into being,
Now that you are experienced,
Initiated & illuminated can you
Keep a secret, will you remain silent?

Deep Dark & Heavy

Valentine Hugo-L’heure exacte 1926

Of course you can give it away;
It’s only love,
Our final hope of everything
Indeed anything.
We’ve always squandered
All opportunities,
Wasted time, money and chances,
Not for gamblers like us
Calculated risks, urged cautions,
Instead all I need
Is a sign: to close my eyes,
Take your hand,
Leap into the deep dark & heavy.