Dreams of Desire 41 (Trouille’s Funeral)

Clovis Trouille-Mes Funerailles 1940

The Sunday Surrealist artist Clovis Trouille (Dreams of Desire 8 (Oh! Calcutta! Calcutta!)Dreams of Desire 9 (Italian Nun Smoking A Cigarette) and Dreams of Desire 10 (Sisters of the Immaculate Silk Stockings) painted a number of canvases on the theme of his funeral. Mes Funerailles from 1940 is almost austere by the standards of Trouille’s overheated and frenzied oeuvre with its riot of colour and sleazy psycho-sexual fantasy.

Trouille brings into play the talents deployed in his day job as department store window dresser and mannequin restorer in the simple yet striking tableaux, bringing to the fore all the potential theatrically inherent in our own imagined funerals. As always with Trouille he dreams of that sensuality without censure that is only found in the imagination.