The Anna Kavan Smile Part Two—Who Are You?


The question asked by the Caterpillar of Alice, surely the most fundamental question of them all, which Alice truthfully admits that she cannot answer in any definitive manner, must have seemed especially pertinent to Anna Kavan  whose wavering sense of self necessitated her to create a whole other persona . Continue reading

Dreams of Desire 20 (Size & Scale)

Etudes de Nu-Germaine Krull
Another striking photographic composition by Germaine Krull (Dreams of Desire 18) with its suggestion of Alice in Wonderland changes in size and scale. Has she woken up to find that she has shrunk during her sleep or has the bed somehow expanding to gigantic proportions? The dynamic pose makes it seem like she has discovered the secret of flight and is about to soar into the air. The interplay between light and shadow upon the body renders the photograph and its subject even more enigmatic.

Dreams of Desire 6 (Mulholland Dr.)


David Lynch plays tricks with time, memory and identity in the utterly mystifying yet completely bewitching Mulholland Dr. One of the few film-makers who can genuinely be classified as a Surrealist, Mulholland Dr. heady blend of atmospheric neo-noir, twisted Hollywood fable, mind melting strangeness and one of the most convincing dream narratives since a certain Alice fell down a rabbit hole defies categorization or rational comprehension, but therein lies its beauty. Continue reading