Imaginary Country

Night Rain at Oyama-Utagawa Toyokuni II-c1834

For a fractured moment I was in an imaginary country
(Though all countries are imaginary in the context of eternity)
Dreaming delicately within the confines of the Palace of the Moon
Of melting and malleable nephrite, diamond, mountain
While the scent of jasmine and rose lingered throughout centuries
Sunlight and shade colluded to cast a permanent twilit glow
Rendering every corner, corridor and doorway mysterious
If I stop at a window the view is always surprising, different
Sometimes birds and butterflies hover motionless in the spring riot
At the next flight a blanket of snow covers the sleeping earth
In between lotus eating I await the one mandated by Heaven
The Empress of desires whose kiss resonates on my lips forever

11 thoughts on “Imaginary Country

    1. Great to hear from you Roger… I have been very very very quiet for a long time…only started writing about two weeks after a two year hiatus give or take. With a somewhat different style. Hope you are keeping well and that the creatives juices are flowing.

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      1. Creativity going really well – painting and writing. I have found the blog to be a little bit vacuous – very hit or miss. I have been doing some online courses too. Great fun. I think Covid tucked us all away into our solitudes, poor things that we are. Brexit has turned into a real time of upside-down carnival. What is the Untied Kingdom coming to??? Don’t answer!!

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