Rene Magritte-Personal Values 1952
Rene Magritte-Personal Values 1952

Now that I am older the sound
Of the drumbeats grows louder,
Though the source becomes forever
Fainter, filtered by vague remorse,
Impossible longing for a home
That I have only visited in dreams.

I am a child again in these dreams
Attracted by the source of sound,
A woman calling me to go home:
At my silence she calls out louder
I stay still, filled with a sullen remorse
I could stand there like a stature forever.

If only we could build up bridges forever;
Break it on down like we do in dreams,
Then drop deeper without any remorse
To caverns filled with reverberating sound
Booming like my echoing heart louder
As it realises you can never go home.

For that is where the hatred lies, at home,
The source of afflictions that fester forever,
Over the years voices raised louder,
The only peace found in feverish dreams
With swirling fragments of whispered sound,
In the morning glare a cause of distinct remorse.

Though being human is cause enough for remorse,
For we are restless, searching for a lost home
And every time we speak or utter a sound
Lies the possibility of doing damage forever;
With no resolution to be found even in dreams
Drowning out soothing voices with noises louder.

The din and banging grows ever louder,
Deadening the heart with poisonous remorse,
Seeping even into the sanctuary of dreams:
So I pray for a solitary glimpse of a home
Where I can find comfort and rest forever
Show me a symbol, give me a sign or a sound

Quieter rather than louder, pointing to a reposeful home
Where I banish remorse, to which I say goodbye forever
And let wash over me dreams, that lull with a sea sound.

13 thoughts on “Home

  1. This is a lovely poem. There is a new movement toward formalization of poetry and the use of symbolic logic. This is a perfect Sestina and you have used the form beautifully, which can be fairly difficult but once again you have mastered another form. I must commend you on the Magritte painting you have chosen for this particular poem that I find especially wistful and deep.

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    1. Thank you so much Miss Heart. I am experimenting with form and trying my hand at different forms and seeing what occurs. Glad you like the sestina, it is fairly difficult, hopefully it isn’t too repetitive, though I find the loops and spirals fascinating in this technique I love the Magritte, obviously.

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  2. I really like the structure of this poem, which you have employed very effectively, but the theme, the dichotomy of a ‘home’, that place that we both yearn for yet fear as it represents ‘holding us down’, is what comes across most strongly. Excellent writing.

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    1. Thank you Chris, I have wanted to try my hand at a sestina for a while now so after I write the first six lines I thought here is my chance. I think the idea is a very powerful one with multiple meanings, both literal and metaphysical. Glad you like it!

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  3. This is gorgeous. Not familiar with sestina but I see the pattern of repeating words. Full of deep longing, memory and melancholy. Stirs the senses. Very evocative. I think it’s brilliant.

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    1. The sestina goes back to the 12th or 13th Century, some Provincial troubadour. Every word ending is in every position eventually, followed by a three line envoi. Thank you so much for the lovely brilliant!

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