Interior Mysteries

Le Sabbat-Jean-Marie Poumeyrol
Le Sabbat-Jean-Marie Poumeyrol

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bordeaux, Jean-Marie Poumeyrol taught mechanical draughtsmanship before being let go from this occupation for failing to pass the nude drawing exam, receiving an ‘F’ in this subject at the same time that his disturbing and morbid erotic paintings were becoming highly prized collectors items.

Allied with the artists of fantastic realism, H.R Giger and Sibylle Ruppert are two notable examples of the style that I have previously written about, Poumeyrol developed his style away from erotica, painting mysterious  interiors devoid of human beings but filled with the ghostly traces of absent inhabitants, noticeably numerous fetishistic drawings adoring the walls. The hushed surroundings are bathed in a peculiar pellucid light; gradually the hint of horror that these paintings undoubtedly contain reveals itself  in the eerie calm of these meretriciously rendered spaces

Below is a selection of paintings covering various stages of his career. Information is rather scarce regarding dates and titles, surprising for such an excellent artist of singular vision, however that is the vagaries of reputation and fame.

15 thoughts on “Interior Mysteries

  1. Oh my… creepy and quite vulgar but absolutely compelling. Technically masterful as well. I wouldn’t want one hanging on my wall but they are fascinating to peruse.

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      1. And you know that just because I don’t want to hang it on the living room wall doesn’t mean I don’t like it. They really are brilliant.

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  2. A Rather bizarre and mysterious choice of subject., so compelling and many are very beautiful. I would love to hang the painting of the antique chair facing the open doors that lead outside. That one esp stood out for me. Thank you for the summary on this gifted artist and samples of his unusual and perfect art.

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  3. I would be reluctant to display some of Poumeyrol’s art on my living room wall but I would love to own one of his paintings. Good luck with the lottery and thank you again for the fine post. Mr. Cake.

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  4. Your blog is an education.
    The erotic, or bluntly, sex, is a key part of human nature, even, or perhaps especially for those who retreat from it. It is a central theme in art, but we tend to shy away from it.
    An F in nude drawing! Somehow that is fitting. The artistic nude is a hundred miles from these images.

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