Meant to Be

Last Year in Marienbad
Last Year in Marienbad

Is this the way it was meant to be?
I remember the future differently,
But then again when could memory
Ever be trusted or relied upon,
Just raw rushes to be edited
Into a consoling, coherent fiction,
A vain attempt at a narrative
That lends structure, meaning,
To this messy rambling series
Of unfortunate events we group
Together and present as a
Distinct entirety called Life.

Is this the way it was meant to be?
I look in the mirror and I can’t
Recognise the figure I see staring
Nonchalantly back at me.
I am pursued by echoes, traces,
Vestiges of many different selves,
Degraded remnants of cancelled tomorrows,
Events that never happened that have
Yet retained a hold upon my senses
Far greater than any actuality
That may appeared to have perhaps
Occurred sometime in a half
Forgotten and ill-defined past.

Is this the way it was meant to be?
This era of ontological uncertainty,
At one point I may have seen a light
That drove me onward towards
A destination that I thought was home,
But it was switched off, extinguished,
Or maybe it just burnt itself out:
So now I spectrally waver,
Phantasmally flicker at the edge
Of your vision, waiting for you
To catch a glimpse, recognise
Love, give outline to desire,
Make the blood flow again
And shape my flesh to your will.

44 thoughts on “Meant to Be

      1. Marienbad. I watched the film today. Extraordinary. The books is a cine-novel, a book version of the screenplay. I recognized certain scenes in a film from 2008 The Other Man with Liam Neeson.Not a surrealist film but some scenes are very similar. The lovers triangle , the husband who’s a stranger challengimg the lover to card games everyday and stalking him incognito. It’s good but not near the caliber of Mariensbad. Ironically I visited the very castle grounds where this was filmed when in Munich.

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      2. I am glad you like it and that I led you there. It is a severely beautiful movie and I find it hypnotic, it haunts my dreams. I will have to check out The Other Man. I wish I had visited Mariensbad, but in a sense I have.

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      3. Thank you for the amazing poem and introduction to Marienbad. I found it a remarkable and captivating film frustrating with many possible conclusions to ponder in an effort make sense as is intended . Your poem ties in beautifully with this film. If you have not seen the movie “Cabinet of Caligari “, a surreal film of a similar nature starring Glynis Johns try to do so. Have a great day Mr Cake.

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      1. Well, who of us truly has a grasp on a real life? And who wouldn’t want the opportunity to revise and edit? Then again it could make it worse: the scenario of almost every time traveling sci fi story ever written.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder if people notice me staring. I wonder if our lives are suppose to be this way. I sure they should have been different but I wonder. Oh but my light no matter shines . I think one of the reasons I create is to share the gifts I have with the world. Thanks for this thoughts and with that I will start my day!

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