Noir Ending


The Big Combo
The Big Combo

Here we go once again: better to start back at the beginning
Remember those days and nights filled with the glamour
When I locked our looks together I saw a door swing open
To reveal another door but not matter I was ready to stumble
Over the threshold with you on my shoulder a wonder
To marvel at vision shared doubled with intensity revelation
Of another more expansive world drenched in vivid colour
All the senses overloaded hyper stimulated the slightest
Glance of hand against the gold glimmering skin overwhelmed
Leading me to groan inside whenever I heard you gasp
Because I have always known how to ultimately disappoint
I learned over the years to savour the bitter fruits of betrayal
All the best movies have a noir ending when the credits roll
So this is us omega over and out amen: until the very next time


16 thoughts on “Noir Ending

      1. I like the first album a lot, but Third is a masterpiece. Silence, The Rip, We Carry On and Threads are all excellent. Ms Orton is not a good mood at all, she would be offended at the mere suggestion of anything approaching happiness.

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  1. The opening image just perfectly sets the mood. I love that film. It has elements of ‘this time will be different’ only to conclude with the inevitable disappointment. Absolutely superb writing.

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