The Glitches of Fear

August Natterer, My eyes at the moment of the apparitions, 1911-1913
August Natterer, My eyes at the moment of the apparitions, 1911-1913

Do you ever get that eerie feeling that something is not quite right?
The time is out of joint, unsynced, slowing right down,
Woozy with inertial entropy, cackling and hissing with static,
A soundtrack of ghosts residing in obsolete machinery
That reveals in the memory troubling gaps, the lacuna
Of shifting, impermanent assembled identities,
Assumed from random incidences, baroque notions
Jumbled together with jump-cuts, replays and glitches
Washed out and bleached of colour by false recollections,
Subject to the drifting haze of hypnagogic hallucinations,
The reverb and sinister echo of malevolent technologies,
That transforms all that is most tender and unique
Into a single freeze-framed image of absolute, stock fear.

14 thoughts on “The Glitches of Fear

    1. Thank you Miss Heart. I think it is an extraordinary image, on the threshold of revelation. As you know I am a keen student of art brut, which I think speaks of the urgent human need to give shape and form to inner reality. Glad you like the poem, I am quite proud of it. I have many moods.

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    1. I definitely aimed it to be chilling. Don’t want people to think I am just warm and fuzzy. The image is incredibly powerful, though simple. Glad you enjoyed (if that is the right word, also glad that your nightmares have abated).

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      1. Well, this definitely not warm and fuzzy. Yet it does express vulnerability. Perhaps, some reassurance is in order. If you can find it anywhere in this mad world.

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