Terra Incognito

I go to sleep
Dreaming of a place
That isn’t quite the same
High noon sun at midnight
The usual rules don’t always apply
Two plus two equals something odd
There are even still areas of terra incognito
Beyond the four cardinal points there be monsters
Territories only mapped by opium addicted cartographers
Cities constructed by the divine ordinance of extravagant fantasists
Cities of the Black Sun, Cities of the Crimson Night
Where I can indulge my imperial delusions
Of the conquest of a golden beloved
Though I have to sail upon the sea
Seething wine dark becalmed
Ultramarine equatorial zones
For looping return cycles
Until I can finally enter
The so long dreamed of
Safe harbour of your
Tenderest embrace
Where exhausted
I can finally
Go to sleep

20 thoughts on “Terra Incognito

      1. I’m really impressed with how perfectly you crafted each line. Sometimes the words/phrases can feel forced to fit the structure but not so with this one. Imaginary lands – the perfect escape.

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  1. A beautiful if not painfully surreal journey Mr. C. I love the images you invoke, the format is icing on the cake (no pun). We are all searching for that place where we may indulge our delusions of conquest even if it is by way of addicted cartographers. I adore your poem and the opium originated map that guides you.

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    1. Thank you Miss Heart and I will take it as a pun because I love puns. The line about the cartographers just popped into my head without much thought but I was like I like that. You know I love my maps, the more deranged the better the guide.

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      1. There is a book about mythical maps “You Are Here: Personal Geographies and Other Maps of the Imagination” , you may know of it. I actually did intend a pun Mr. Cake, too irresistible.

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  2. Mr Cake, yet again you delight, leading us into a world of fantasy, I must express that it is a beautiful poem, Would you be planning another book and if so can you let us all know when we can expect it to be available?

    Keep on with the writing you are very expressive, from one of your biggest fans.

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