Chance would be


Chance would be
a beautiful thing
make it reign fall
downpour a deluge
and after the storm
a reverent silence
before starting up
and over again
to begin afresh
chance encounters
revelatory rituals
random sequences
casting of die
turning of cards
flipping of coins
drawing of straws
moving of pieces
heavenly combinations
hieratic poses
together you-I
swayed by chance.

25 thoughts on “Chance would be

    1. This was really a chance poem. I read an article about Merce Cunningham (by chance) who said he used the I-Ching to choreograph his dances, as per John Cage. Philip K Dick used the same practice for the man in the high castle and when I was researching Lady Harris Thoth pack I found she was studying the I-Ching. Too many coincidences so not having the I Ching handy I cast the dice to determine the length of the lines and the shape of the poem. The dice decided it should take me 8 minutes as well. This is the result. Thank you Miss Heart.

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      1. Thank you, I thought it was interesting though obviously it isn’t an original method. It was only by chance that I read the piece and without any real interest till I saw that about the I Ching.

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