Colour Schema

Ellen Rogers
Ellen Rogers

Your fingertips glance
Glide press down there
Glissade here yes
Definitely right there
Now your touch
Locks me up
In a prism of colour
Chromatic schema
Linger forever
Jade hazel verdigris
Slate azure golden
Still-point the centre
Slightest impact
Implosion the taste
Of mouths filled
Consumed with star
Light turning inward
Rushing recklessly
Onwards towards
The horizon event
Vanilla honeyed tristesse.

18 thoughts on “Colour Schema

  1. Bonjour tristesse…I love the photo! It’s a perfect statement of the present conjunction of Piscean planets and your wonderful poem, homage to colour and desire.

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      1. I know aquarius sun, Aquarius Mercury, strong eccentric humour, active 3rd house, good at languages, loves books and learning. Active 8th.
        Prominent Neptune Scorpio? Quiet rebel ascendant. I really am not very good at the craft. I enjoy dabbling.

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