A Ritual Assignation


You’re looking out of the window
seeing all the opportunities spread
before you like a heavenly banquet
and you’re wondering whether
to dare and make that leap.
Well do you believe in what I say?
Have you faith in my vision?
Will you be ready intime
for our long delayed assignation
to give yourself completely
Over to the dream I dreamt for you?
Falling is such bliss, those seconds
Of recall, clarity, then impact.

You’re trembling like a fine-veined
leaf in a lashing storm, come,
no need to be nervous though
it does initially add to the frisson.
Still I understand your concern,
you’re unsure whether I will be
cruel, tender, or even distracted.
You gather from some of my actions
that I can be wanton and crude
or maybe wayward and perverse.
However if you want the exaltation,
(and I know that’s your desire,
I’ve been around, I know
a thing or two and you wouldn’t
be the first that I have turned
inside out and tied up in knots)
then you must relax and let
what is going to happen, happen;
whether I serve you like royalty
or you find freedom in sacrifice,
the ecstasy of divine debasement,
a savage joy in effacing and erasing
the burdensome wearying self.
I will let you play your games
until it is time for the ritual
to commence in earnest,
revealing the solemn mystery,
contained in your unveiled body;
both the map and the territory:
the exit and the gateway.

25 thoughts on “A Ritual Assignation

  1. Very mysterious. I wonder if the object of the narrator’s affection is ready for this… effacing and erasing of the burdensome self. It sounds transcendent and terrifying all at once

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      1. Yes I am sure you’re right… with any change there is trepidation. But change must come. Especially when we leap into love. Enjoyed this very much.

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      2. I looked up the artist, found an interesting interview. And many wonderful paintings. The series was called The History of Magic (something like that) – right up your street, Mr Cake

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  2. The main element of poetry is in the way a message is communicated, not just the message itself. This poem is a perfect accompaniment to the beautiful artwork of Ms. Blickle or vice versa. Fascinating Mr. Cake.

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  3. Dear Mr. Cake, bring it on, the slippery slope of trust and reassurance. I mean after all do we really know what we want or need, or is it best when we’re told what we want or need? Fantastic poem and it holds the hand of Blickle’s artwork perfectly. I adore the final line, “the exit and the gateway”. I hope all is well in your world. Take good care. ~ Miss Cranes

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    1. Persuasion can be a heady sensation, both for the persuader and the persuaded. From what I can glean Blickle is based around your neck of the woods, which makes sense given the veritable history of the place in regards of strange goings-ons.
      I am fine, still the same. I trust that you are well. You know I like a good paradox.

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