The Radiant Nowhere

Voisin Plan
Voisin Plan

Incarcerated within these four walls,
though God only knows my crimes,
she’s not the only judge these days.

Sometimes I feel there is some hope
however it’s never for us my love,
the radiant nowhere is for others.

The upright citizens of island utopias,
constructing ziggurats to the Sun,
expanding across the Voisin Plains.

Outlining heavenly harmonics,
devising pure driven ideals for living,
building towards a total perfection.

A monumental brutalism designed
to imprison, degrade and monitor
the remnants of the un-engineered soul.

So that now whatever freedom
we possess is limited, maybe illusory.
But what’s life without secret, lies and sin?

8 thoughts on “The Radiant Nowhere

    1. He did know and so he branded himself. Le Corbusier certainly has a lot more snap than his real name. Like a lot of Utopian thinkers referenced he had a strange, puritanical view of humanity.


      1. Apparently if you took a flat in one of his blocks you signed an agreement to only use his proscribed blinds in the windows, so the facade would be visually unified. I bet it broke down eventually.
        Individualism will out.

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