The Object of the Eye

René Magritte, The Eye (1932-35)
René Magritte, The Eye 1936

Magritte’s The Eye from 1936 presents the image of an eye and the surrounding areas of the face, painted in Magritte’s usual dry, meticulous and unsettling bland style. The painting is contained within a Victorian shadow-box that gives the illusion that the unblinking eye is staring through a peep-hole. The effect is profoundly unnerving; the object we are looking at returns our gaze and exposes us for the voyeurs that we are. Everything we see we objectify, with the exception of ourselves, of course.


21 thoughts on “The Object of the Eye

  1. Very good observation. It is a deeply worrying picture. It makes the viewer uneasy. What is the eye looking at?

    What is the viewer looking at?

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  2. An unsettling image, and one that gave me a couple of responses. First, I thought she was looking through a peephole to spy on us readers out there. Then, I thought she was catching us readers who were spying on her.

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