Jindrich Strysky-Emilie Comes to Me in Dream 1931
Jindrich Strysky-Emilie Comes to Me in Dream 1931


For a moment I thought,
When we came together
That anything, everything
Was finally possible;
Love as a greater unity,
Combining our limbs
Lips mouths cunt cock
Nothing to divide us,
No barriers to separate;
We shared a vision,
Tasted the pleasures
Of the long anticipated,
Much deferred paradise.


But the moment passed,
Our bodies disentangled.
Even the shortest distance
Can lead to disenchantment;
Ultimately we fuck alone.
After such knowledge,
After being tantalized
With the promise of grace
Makes this world a hell
And other people,
Persecuting demons.
No, we can’t all just get along,
I will repay your hate
With pinpricks of fear,
Maybe then we can finally
Share the horror inherent
In everything, anything,
Even a wilted dandelion clock.

10 thoughts on “69\//\96

  1. Wilted dandelion clock… Ingenious…. I find it so very amazing how you can talk about and describe everything with a poem, and the words just fit as a whole, the picture is set and sound. You’re a word magician and I’m amazed.

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  2. I’m going observe that despite the sexual meaning of the numbers, they also signify the passing of years. ‘69 to ‘96 and disillusionment sets in. The artwork is ahem… really something

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  3. Sharing this post on Google+ with the image led to the removal of the post within one day. Now I share it without the image, I will see how long it will last … ;o)

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