Max Ernst-Nocturne
Max Ernst-Nocturne

Timing is everything, right?

But I always miss a beat…
Just that fraction off,
Forever misreading my cues
Carelessly crashing through
The most unforgiving hours
Wandering through the rooms
In the house of sleep
With eyes growing larger,
Shining warningly bright,
Constantly changing colour
Like all the creatures
That come alive in the dark,
So alert and predatory,
Naturally scorning company
For our own being overflows.
Then when the night is over,
Done with, burrow deep away
From that searchlight in the sky,
The unwanted intrusion of the sun.

Rhythm is rhythm and I am what I am,
I know that I always get it wrong,
But not for a moment did I want to be right.

12 thoughts on “Nocturne

  1. I really like this one. In the beginning it has a bit of a melancholy feel, but then it transforms into a confident statement. Comparing himself to the night creatures gives the narrator power. Very cool

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    1. Thank you. Somebody has to speak up for the night owls with all this puritanical ‘I go to bed at 8PM so that I may get up at 4:30am to begin my regime of hop skipping and jumping for 150 miles before I start work’ self satisfied smuggery that is doing the rounds.

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      1. Ahhh! I love that. I am not a morning person either, much prefer lying around in my pjs till nearly lunchtime. Although I don’t stay up all that late either. Hmmm maybe my animal equivalent is a sloth.

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      2. Certain big cats are nocturnal, most however are active during both day and night, with prime activity when it just gets dark and just before it gets light. Cats sleep around 70 percent of the time, though that duration rises for lions.

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      3. That twilight time is a tricky time to see. They must have special adaptations to hunt. I really don’t know very much about the big cats. Just my pet cat, lady of the house.

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