Leonora Carrington-The 4706th Floor
Leonora Carrington-The 4706th Floor

The beasts
(A vivid bestiary indeed:
Eerie condor atop a desolate eyrie;
Aloof snow leopard alone in her Kingdom of Bones;
Ravening wild dogs scouring the steppes;
Scaled dragon protecting his hoard of gold;
Fantastical drolleries, grotesque hybrids,
Horrific metamorphosis, decanate aspects,
Demonic synthesis, alien creations)
of my nature
Are straining
At the end of their tether.
Maybe, in an act of self division,
I will let them off the leash
To mount a ceaseless attack
Upon the most dangerous of beasts:
Man, that mad animal.

22 thoughts on “Bestiary

  1. Contrary to previous commentary I find this to be delightfully dark, not at all angry. I love that the true beasts in this are, in fact, man. Beautifully worded. The metaphor and imagery gift the audience much to contemplate.

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  2. I love the painting, it’s so clever and elegant. I love the poem too and totally appreciate you flinging out there we are such multi dimensional creatures.
    It works so much better when we are comfortable with our inner jungle.
    Mr. Cake I couldn’t resist chasing up number 4706 and I got asteroid dennisreuter who is a Dr. astrophysicist who works for N.A.S.A.

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