Claude Cahun
Claude Cahun

Do I need to spell it out for you?
These words of mine are meant
As a spell neither more or less,
A charm to persuade your sweet self
To surrender in absentia and toto,
Give me the power and I promise,
In fact, swear on all that is unholy
To abuse the privilege you
Have so graciously granted, heedlessly,
Recklessly rushing through all
Of love’s myriad delights and mystery,
Imputing a whole lexicon of desire
In the sections of your shadow
Outlined against the bedroom wall,
In the jutting angles of your legs
For I seek the centre, a still point
Where all yearnings will cease
And desist from transmitting
This urgent ungovernable need
To translate the will divine,
This damnable demonic occultistry
That devours yet is never sated.

32 thoughts on “Occultistry

    1. Thank you, yet more ramblings on mysticism and love. I was pride of that line, lest the narrator is honest, though he could be working an angle. I do love the collage and I have been waiting to use it for some time. Do you like the title… my own creation that word.

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      1. Yes, the title is perfect. You are in good company inventing new terms: Shakespeare and Coleridge are responsible for a few (well quite a few in the case of Shakespeare) words in English. Good show, Mr. Cake. And isn’t love the pinnacle of mystification?

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      2. Let’s not forget Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear with their inspired nonsense. Not sure I am quite there yet in regard of the exalted company but hopefully my masterpiece is out there in the aether just waiting to willed into existence.

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  1. I do like the title for this earnest entreaty. Hats off on this beseeching poem. I love to make up words too on the advice of my friend the former linguist (RIP). The painting by Claude Cahun sent me straight away googling. Her work is mystical and her history stunning. Thank you Mr. Cake.

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    1. As always Miss Heart. You know I like my puns as well as recondite obscurity, I try to keep both impulses in check but I have to sometimes indulge. Cahun is excellent, a good few decades before Cindy Sherman and better. I will see you a link because I have written about her before.

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      1. That would be a good thing. You know when something is so good you look up and and smile so hard it forces your eyes closed. That’s squinty-eyed good.

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