U & I

Heinz Hajek-Halke
Heinz Hajek-Halke

The words that I say don’t mean a thing,
Except for their inherent suggestiveness.
They are an attempt at hypnotizing you,
My intention is to bewitch and enthral
Before slowly, ever so slowly, then finally,
Seducing you in just such a fashion.
Understanding will elude you for now,
Only long afterwards can you begin
To understand that rapture, this bliss,
The rupture and the event changing
Everything and consuming the parts
That formerly constituted the whole;
The heavenly body bruised and bitten,
Your lunar skin a palimpsest upon
Which I have scrawled in marker
Every wayward impulsive craving
And deepest innermost desiring:
Across your most intimate territories,
Swell of breast, slope of thigh I write
The text of my tyrannical longings
To feel your heart beat fast, faster
Suffusing every inch of you with heat
Because I want to not only feel
The flame within you burn brightly,
I want to see, hear, taste and smell
Your essence, then I may possess all;
Your soul
Mutual absorption
Indivisible diversity
2 become 1
U & I.

The words that I say don’t mean a thing,
Except for their ritualistic significance.
They are an attempt at an invocation,
My intention is to enthral and bewitch,
Make desire a reality through the will.

38 thoughts on “U & I

      1. It does, and the image and poem are a wonderful match. I love the rough scrawl across her body; aggressive, proprietorial, and unrestrained.

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  1. A very seductive poem. It leaves you wondering after all that sweeping desire in the middle, if perhaps the most important thing to remember is ‘The words I say don’t mean a thing’.

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    1. Ambiguity is something I aim for…the narrator deliberately contradicts statements several times over…don’t forget that the words themselves may not mean a thing as words but they have suggestiveness and ritualistic significance.

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      1. I’ll be by, again, either from here or GLaM. I’ve read your work since… I think …. Aquileana introduced it to me. I think there are many flavours of cake here. 🍷

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      2. Aquileana is a good friend…that is how I found your blog. I don’t think I have visited GLaM. It does range from the lightest of Angel Cake towards the more heaviest of darkest chocolate cake, blacker than the devils ass darkened by smoke as the Divine Marquis phrased it.

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      3. It ranges through all cakes. You see, GLaM is a graffiti blog. https://graffitiluxandmurals.com/ It is not my art, although I am the photographer. I know that photography is an art, but my personal art is Art Gowns.
        GLaM serves me well, as it takes 3 -6 months to make an Art Gown. I try to do in between posts on Art Gowns…. sketches… reblogs, and I included a poem on my previous post. However, it’s not in the ordinary to find poems that mention gowns… somehow. I would like to find more.
        I’ve begun my new Art Gown. Still, 3 more months!

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      4. I am taking the Art Gowns to a new art area/level. I’ve been getting the pics printed on canvas, and over painting… creatively in acrylics. I’m building up to a gallery show.
        Nonetheless, you are right, it s worth it, as is. 🍷

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