Subtle Substance

Labyrinth-Leonora Carrington 1991
Labyrinth-Leonora Carrington 1991

A subtle substance,
Nymphlight or gaslight,
Shimmers and shifts
On the event horizon
Before vanishing.

Emerging patterns,
Esoterically strange,
Point to the discovery
Of imaginary countries
And new crimes.

Chasing chymeras,
And weepy willow wisps.
Stumbling at every twist
And left-hand turning
Of the labyrinth.

Blinking in the sunlight,
Sleepwalking through days,
Only truly awake and aware
When asleep in the arms
Of Mother Night, and dreaming.

28 thoughts on “Subtle Substance

    1. Well I am delighted to be compared to a fine wine, but soft and wispy? Though I have to admit this is definitely one of my more delicate contributions. Anyway I am glad you enjoyed it, maybe I will do more in this vein, but then again maybe not…I am a tad unpredictable.

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    1. Hello Audrey thank you so much …I am well just very quiet on the writing front, hopefully my muse and/or daemon hasn’t totally deserted me. Hope you are well.


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