A Penetrating Insight

Francis Picarbia-Statices 1929
Francis Picabia-Statices 1929


Fuck aye.
The noo you know
The new for now
Oh no
No No NO…

What was that?
You want me to repeat myself?
You didn’t catch me the first time around
You couldn’t quite…understand?
Why, did I fucking st-st-ss-st-sh-st
Stir shutter st-stutter?
Maybe I did but maybe
You should pay attention

(is it for real is it for real)

And listen closely for once
Instead of just talking on and
On and over and on

(is it for real)

Droning on like a dazed wasp
Drunk on the sun and nectar
As for me, well I never could

(is it for real)

Help losing the run of myself
The raging nights eventually
Turned into days of anger
That summer of blissed love
Turning into a nuclear winter
Of seething hatefulness
I suppose we all see

(is it for real is it for real)

Things differently
With varying rates
Of absorption,
Insight and penetration;
Five minutes five days
Five years five aeons
But I think you need a break
Even God rested on the Sabbath
Yeah a change will do you good
So do us all a favour,
Don’t be a cunt all your life
Take that vacation, starting now.

Now I know this shit is for real
Definitely maybe probably
Decidedly so I know the score
This is the deal I’ve be waiting for

(but is it really for real for real for real)

Fuck aye
The noo you know
The new for now
And aye
Aye Aye AYE

20 thoughts on “A Penetrating Insight

  1. Blissed summer to nuclear winter – great line. This is quite the tirade. I imagine the person to whom it was directed trying to get a word in and not being able to.

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    1. Well they are just getting a taste of their own medicine if the narrator is to be believed. This is experimental so there is a lot going on, not sure how much sense it makes. But maybe that is the point?

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      1. As the things you say in the heat of an argument don’t always seem to make sense either. So well done in that regard. I like experimental and automatic writing. It is fascinating to see what the mind conjures. Or the voices in your head…

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  2. Dear Mr. Cake, now I know why no one is on the same page, “varying rates of absorption”. I’m jealous, that’s a fabulous phrase. Terrific poem, penning a real deal stream of consciousness is brilliant, love the flow and the bite! And the artwork is terrific, mesmerizing. ~ Miss Cranes

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    1. Thank you Miss Cranes…I thought I would try something a little different with a lot of layers, hence the Picabia. I am expressed if I managed to make you jealous. It is meant to be biting with a lot of wordplay and uncensored, no striving for undue order or clarity or even meaning.

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      1. Mr. Cake, even though there was no striving for undue order or clarity, I do think the words found some sort of order holding themselves together in a way that makes sense. I hope you attempt this again, very impressive, plus I like the attitude of the narrator.

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      2. Thank you Miss Cranes…after I had written my reply I realised that of course that some form of order is evident in the structure etc. Which goes to show how hard a pure automatism that is also aesthetically satisfactory is to achieve. Hopefully the mood and the muse will visit again. Glad you like the attitude.

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      3. You’re welcome, Mr. Cake. I was thinking today, maybe it’s time to for you to put together a book of strictly poetry. I believe you’ve got wonderful material to fill the pages. Not ass kissing, just saying. . . ~ Miss Cranes

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    1. Thank you that was the desired affect. I am straining to reach the limits of language and meaning, though what I would do if I ever reached that goal is another thing altogether.


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