Persistent Rumours of Encroaching Ice

DSC00470 Encroaching Ice-Thea Kiros

Do you live in fear of Judgement Day? Are you feeling all alone in the face of Armageddon, isolated before the Apocalypse? Do you dream of any of the following:

A). The end of the world by flood

B). The end of the world by famine

C). The end of the world by fire

If the answer is yes to any of the above, do you believe that the causation will be:

1). Nuclear annihilation

2). Ecological catastrophe

3). Divine eschatological judgement

Or is it the case that you are more concerned with  the Violent Unknown Event*, or perhaps you can no longer ignore the persistent rumours in your head of the encroaching ice? Maybe it is the ultimate  heat death of the universe, as per the Second Law of Thermodynamics (that is, of course, dependent on whether the universe can be considered a closed system), that troubles your peace of mind?

Regardless of the exact nature and cause of Ragnarok, the collection Motion No. 69 is perfect material for the End Times. Although even a kabbalistic reading of its dense pages will not yield a definite date (however certain clues suggest that the world will end on a Wednesday, to at least break up the week), it does offer the possibility of a recurrence, this time with feeling.

* Or VUE for short-See Peter Greenaway’s 1980 documentary The Falls.

35 thoughts on “Persistent Rumours of Encroaching Ice

  1. Where on earth do you find these things? That film clip is uber bizarre. Are you looking for responses to your survey or are they for our personal contemplation? This collection is taking on rather important significance. I better order 2 copies

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    1. It is from Peter Greenaway’s pseudo-documentary called The Falls… it is over three hours long and it is really bizarre…kind of like Borges meets Ballard meets Foucault meets Monty Python. She is singing the bird list song (a recurring theme in the movie) which is basically just 92 of the most obscure bird species names. Yes I would like responses to the survey. Make it three copies

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      1. Hmmm, I did recently dream about finding several dead animals in a swimming pool. A sheep, a large rabbit and a donkey. I suppose that doens’t count as annihilation by flood. At this point I’m thinking the odds of each every one of those scenarios might come to pass. Maybe even a combination of all three. As for the causation? All of the above

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      2. I’ve been going through a phase of vivid and memorable dreaming. It’ll pass. Right about all the possibilities… although resignation is probably a better word for it than preparation.

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  2. I look forward to Motion 69 collection though I rarely spend time contemplating Armageddon. I live more in the present. End of times has been predicted as long as man. I imagine we will be annihilated by Nuclear catastrophe. Thanks for upper Mr. Cake 🙂

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  3. True virtuoso of promo’s, you are. Love it.
    I believe in a mixture of all above scenarios, not all happening at once and starting with an asteroid impact, no matter how big or might be. It seems people are just searching for reasons, and they’ll never going to change. Big proportions of the apocalyptic event have ecological and natural catastrophes. Nerd!

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    1. The thought of the End features in every religion, it obviously is a deep seated fear (or even deeper seated desire) in human nature. Perhaps I am arguing from my own nature, as my imagination tends towards the apocalyptic. Thanks Christine, you have an optimistic nature.

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      1. I can be pessimistic too, but in the end I believe in energy, which cannot be destroyed. Hence consciousness is in the constant recycle bin, and there is no end to it. After all, they have been predicting Dooms day since the time of Christ (as far as we know) and probably before then. So far they have not been accurate, haha.

        Great food for thought! Thanks Cake!


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