Climax-Gaspar Noé 2018
Climax-Gaspar Noé 2018

Regular readers may have noticed that I tend to be somewhat fixated on the art, literature and film of the past, rarely does anything post-1980 featured on these pages, and certainly not movies that I haven’t even seen yet. However, as the premise of Gaspar Noé‘s new movie, Climax, which recently premiered in Cannes, actually made me pause during my favourite early afternoon breakfast of Black Forest Gateau and original Irn-Bru, I decided to make an exception this one time.

Billed as a dance-horror movie (who knew there was such a thing?), Climax, which is apparently based on true events, tells the story of a young street dance troupe’s descent into collective madness after drinking the LSD-laced Sangria during the final rehearsal party, all filmed in Noé’s seizure inducing visual style and with his trademark horror-porno aesthetic. Described as The Red Shoes on literal acid, Step Up meets Salo and a Satanic DJ set, any minuscule reservations I had about leaving Chateau Du Cake to see this in the movie theatres when released are dispelled by the trailer, featured below.



38 thoughts on “Climax

  1. Did you really have Black Forest Cake and Irn-Bru for breakfast? Was it as black as the devil’s ass blackened by smoke? 😉 Did you hear that Scotland is up in arms because Trump’s golf resort banned Irn-Bru because of the risk of staining the carpets? That’s like banning whiskey, what the hell?

    Will you really be able to see this in a theater? I am trying to imagine a theater in my area that would show such a film and I can’t think of one.

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    1. Irn-Bru has also changed the recipe due to the sugar tax…people stocked pile the original in Scotland and the North of Ireland. As to whether I have Black Forest Gateau and Orignial Irn Bru for breakfast, that would be very decadent wouldn’t it. Climax has got rave reviews and has already been picked up by A24 for distribution. I will probably have to go to the city, but seriously, this looks brilliant. Step Up meets Salo…what’s not to love about that description.

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      1. I… um, well. To each his own I suppose. You will have to post a review after you’ve seen it.

        As for the breakfast, I can imagine you running around the house on a sugar high and collapsing in a heap after it wore off and needing a lengthy nap. Sound about right?

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      2. Well I am very much looking forward to seeing this. Occasionally I like stuff that has an element of WTF-ery (and the French do the extreme transgression better than anyone else), and this seems to contain it in spades.

        You are almost right, apart from the running around the house bit.

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      1. I don’t blame you at all. I wish I could say we don’t like him here in America either, but unfortunately he still has a group of staunch supporters. Not enough for him to survive the next election hopefully… Anyway, I am considering emigrating!

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  2. Oh god, even the trailer made me feel stressed and anxious- I can’t imagine trying to deal with the whole film!

    Never drink the Sangria/Kool-Aid; doesn’t everyone know that?? Looking forward to your review 🙂

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    1. Sorry I didn’t mean for you to feel anxious, though I suspect the director does. You would think that everyone knows not to drink the Sangria/Kool Aid. The film is set in 1996 but still even then…but these folks obviously didn’t. I will review the film when it does come out, that wouldn’t be until later in the year though. Good to see you again!

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