The Principle

Valentine Hugo-1948

I propose a motion:
To elucidate the principle
Of absolute pleasure;
You may demur and say,
Well, that it is incompatible
With the fundamental nature
Of ultimate reality,
Or at least suggest
Tabling an amendment.
But just give me a night,
To capture a moment
An imitation of eternity,
To turn you on—To turn you out:
Upside down, round and round,
Within 360 seconds
I would take you
Beyond the Seventh Heaven,
Transport you higher still
To the abyss of the Empyrean,
That realm of fire
That burns deep inside
Between your spreading thighs,
I will accept the invitation
Of your parted lips
And swollen nipples:
Then pause— —
— — just for a while,
Not longer than a series
Of hammering heartbeats,
Because I’m cruel like that
And I want to be sure,
That you want me
As much as I need you,
So that when we
Are finally indivisible,
And I have seeded you
With the light of supernovas
And the unbearable heat
Of a million blazing suns
You come —
— not with a scream
But with the softest
And most heartrending of sighs
For after such pleasures,
There will be no sequels
And no tomorrows
Of such agonising intensity.

56 thoughts on “The Principle

      1. I can tell that you really poured your whole heart into this one. Maybe being an occasional poet is a good thing, because when we do get a taste of your words, they are written with a depth to them which isn’t often found. Simply amazing…

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      1. It’s fine Miss Dawn I didn’t take you literally, it was just a startling image. Glad to know that it is evocative. Maybe I should write poetry more often.


  1. This is exquisite. I’ve read it over slowly and more than once. When you imagine your lover whispering words like these, well… I am positively swooning. Really amazing.

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  2. Mr. Cake, what an intriguing poem, very well done. All in six minutes? Interesting meanings belonging to the number six. The following is a great play on words to be read so many different ways.

    “And I want to be sure,
    That you want me
    As much as I need you”

    As ever, the entire poem is smart and clever. Hope you’re well.

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      1. You’re most welcome, Mr. Cake. Six is associated with love, yet this poem seems to hardly speak of love in the common principle sense, it bridges a more ill defined eternity, ‘ill’ due to the limitless boundaries of the subconscious.

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  3. You really are a fine wordsmith. I know because when I read your poetry, I get goose flesh.

    For after such pleasures,
    There will be no sequels
    And no tomorrows
    Of such agonising intensity.

    This ending is exquisite in its finality. Heartbreaking, really.


      1. 😉 Thanks, friend! 8 Mile is quite stunning. My sister’s best friend’s husband was an extra in the film! Now the bastard thinks he’s too cool for school.

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      2. Oh, you’re so good to me. Thank you. My mother says I was born a clown. I hate clowns. I think she’s trying to be polite. Bat shit crazy is what she really means. I didn’t get my swearing from her, that’s for sure. My first word was fuck, no lie, and that’s my dad’s fault. Hahaha!

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