The Expectation

The Expectation-Richard Oelze 1935
A masterpiece of visual Surrealism, Oelze’s The Expectationmanages to create the sense of heavy dread that is only found in the kind of dream that doesn’t leave you for hours after waking, oppressing you with the knowledge that all it takes is for you to close your eyes for everything to disappear and be re-arranged in a way that you secretly suspect (although it wouldn’t do to admit it in public) has more real meaning than what you perceive with your five senses in the workaday world.

Oelze was a German Surrealist who studied at the Bauhaus. His relationship with the gadfly of modern art movements, the mysteriously ubiquitous and yet elusive Mina Loy is the subject of her only novel, the posthumously published Insel.

25 thoughts on “The Expectation

    1. yes he left other works, I actually saw a great abstract by him in cologne…i will get to that…saw some excellent modern art…the contemporary left me cold…anything post pop art i struggle with…am i a philistine?

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      1. No. Art is one’s personal taste. I don’t like most contemporary art although now that there is a resurgence of Realism (hyperrealism) I like quite a bit of that. But I think it does often lack the passion of the original Masters that they attempt to imitate.

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      1. I experience that awful feeling upon waking from dreams. I dream frequently and vividly. But I often have an unusual disconnect…. As if I’m just an observer not a participant in the dream and it renders me helpless to act. Then it’s hard to shake off.

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  1. Mmh, yes, those weird dreams making one’s heart throbbing in a hard and annoying way, leaving one dreading to fall back to sleep… That description of yours, very precise indeed. Cold sweat breaking out at once…

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