Not a Black Friday Promo

The Red and the... ...Black
The Red and the… …Black

I am firmly of the ‘When in Rome’ school, so during the time I lived in America I would observe the annual hype, hysteria and the footage of grown adults trample toddlers underfoot in their rush to obtain the latest must have thingamajig or yoke that seems to attend every Black Friday with bemused indulgence. After all we used to have the January Sales over here back in the day, which was something similar, if slightly more restrained and less in your face.

But that was in America. Now Black Friday has now officially an event everywhere, without even the context and excuse of Thanksgiving. The January Sales start on Boxing Day/St Stephens Day (or, as it known in America, the day after Christmas) though with all the once in a fucking lifetime extravaganzas and bonanzas that we are incessantly informed about every waking moment it has been somewhat diluted. But then Mammon really is the God of the world, possessing an all seeing eye that never sleeps, constantly weighing our worth.

So this is definitely not a Black Friday promo, however I suppose it is good a time as any to remind readers that my collection Motion No. 69 will be published in six days, that’s right, just six days on Thursday November 30th 2017 at 3:23PM GMT.

I could say that the below clip has some connection with the post, (maybe something about group conformity and/or temptation) but that would be stretching it even by my relaxed standards. So just enjoy a clip from the 1973 movie The Wicker Man which features a haunting and yet bawdy (a maid that milks a bull?) song.

28 thoughts on “Not a Black Friday Promo

    1. I intend at some point to write about the movie in depth. God that remake was just awful, beyond words. Why did he keep punching women? The bees were funny though. Thanks for the comment.


  1. Not shopping either. Years of working in retail and I’ve had my fill of the insanity. It’s not like you really save all that much anyway! Today is a day for reading!

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  2. Yes we had our first Black Friday mania here in Australia yesterday. Another reminder of why I am mostly a happy hermit miles from any crazy city.
    I first saw The Wickerman years ago when I was quite young and I was quite disturbed by it.
    It’s like those corn dollies I find them creepy and disturbing.
    I feel that stashed beneath several layers of my subconscious are hidden horrific memories of torturous village mania events. No doubt providing a wellspring of ideas for nightmares.

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  3. Dare I post after that!!!
    Loved clip I saw the movie a very very long time ago so another one for my growing list of rewatches.
    And you’ve answered my bemused question about wtf Black Friday is for me it’s when half of Victoria burned but I knew it wasn’t that…
    Looking forward to six days time.

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    1. Of course you can post after that this. If we all just ignore Black Friday it will cease being an event, it is the worst kind of consumer export, and really quite meaningless out of context. I do love the original Wicker Man, loads of flaws but it has retained it power. Thank you for your support and hope you enjoy the book!

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