Facile-Paul Eluard Photos by Man Ray 1935

The collaboration between poet Paul Eluard and photographer Man Ray, Facile is a unique collection. Both the poems and the photographs are inspired by Eluard’s second wife, the glorious Nusch ( see Dreams of Desire 14 (Nusch by Dora Maar) and Dreams of Desire 15 (Nusch by Man Ray) ) with the poems both figuratively and literally caressing her naked figure. In Facile the body is actually text.  The ground-breaking layout  has influenced generations of photographers and it still remains one of the finest examples of joint Surrealist artistic endeavour as well as being a beautiful, erotically charged declaration of love.

23 thoughts on “Facile

      1. I’d love to find one. About 20 years ago I bought the Dali cookbook (recently reprinted). I paid very little and now I wish I had purchased the wine companion book!!! I’ll keep my eyes peeled at the estate sales! I really love your posts.

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    1. Well I researched Nusch quite a bit and I am always on the look out for anything about Man Ray so this immediately caught my attention. Man Ray also photographed Benjamin Peret’s 1929 but that is downright pornographic. I would love to get my hands on a first edition of this.

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