The Station Where The Train Never Stops

The Station
The Station Where The Train Never Stops

If, after having decided that you need a short holiday away from the Uneasy City, and lets be honest who doesn’t need an occasional break from its atmosphere of incessantly vicious inanity and barely suppressed menace, you find yourself at the station where the train never stops, the best way to while away the seasons, millennia and kalpas waiting is the fully illustrated collection Motion No. 69, available within the coming weeks. Not only does it hold the possibility of a promise of paradise, it also comes in handy in avoiding the too frank gaze of the woman with the smeared lipstick, containing as it does a calculating carnality.

19 thoughts on “The Station Where The Train Never Stops

  1. Really train service these days! Abominable. Well thank goodness the book will be out in time for my holiday travels. I’m pretty sure that train station is in my city. Or the one to which I’m going.

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      1. Let’s hope the next time around I make better decisions! And fly out instead of wait for the train that never comes! I’ll still need something to read though. 😉

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