Edward Gorey

Edward Gorey-the Fraught Settee
The gloriously eccentric American illustrator and writer Edward Gorey saw his singular body of work as ‘literary nonsense’ in the tradition of Carroll and Lear. Renowned for meretricious cross hatching, mordant wit and the macabre relish that he depicts the peculiar and sometimes sinister goings on in the rarefied atmosphere of the Victorian/Edwardian fantasy realm where he seemed to spend his whole imaginative life in, with the exception, of course, of frequent excursions to the ballet, Edward Gorey, in my opinion, is the sole twentieth century heir to the title of nonsense.

Edward Gorey-the Object Lesson
Edward Gorey
Edward Gorey
Edward Gorey-Gashlycrumb Tinies
Ogdred Weary-the Curious Sofa

26 thoughts on “Edward Gorey

  1. Arr, just gorgeous. Two sentence post. That second sentence is still quite understandable, if you ask me. But I’m rather used to then as well… Love the angel Cake, and the fun carp snail (kafkaesque, if you ask me) and everything else, too…

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  2. Oh poor Rhoda! My favorite is the flinging from the parapet. Her companion being completely oblivious. Figures. Good stuff Mr. Cake. And I’ll take some angel food cake, too.

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    1. The whole book is the gashlycrumb tinies being oft in unusual ways. Had to have Cake in the header image. I love the parapet one as well. Nonsense with a touch of Surrealism and black humour. What’s not to love… very Cakey as well.

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      1. Can you imagine what fun it must be to think up this stuff? I wish my mind worked this way. And to have the good fortune to make it my life’s work!

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  3. I love Edward Gorey. My favorite image from your post is the one of the fish-mollusk- snail creature … So kafkian!. Also “Rhoda consumed by fire” reminded me of Lynch´s Twin Peaks (new series, I haven´t watched the old one mind you)… Particularly those (presumable) velvet curtains: I can totally see it 😀 …. Excellent post, my friend! 🙂

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