Mirror Image

Helmut Newton 1973

I look at you and all I can see
Is myself
Encased in the feminine form
My long lost imaginary twin
And I know that when you stare
So deeply into me
You are looking
Through a glass darkly
So that when we touch
We make love in a mirror
Dissolving on the other side
The place where all polarities
Are resolved, indeed
Made redundant.

Sun and Moon
Female and Male
Day and Night
Cease to exist

And there is no longer
A discrepancy between
Desire and decision
For our bodies
Is a binary code of attraction
A series of
Eyes and oh’s,
Combined to complete
A sequence of absolute pleasure
Breathing the heavy musky scent
A smile of weighted lust
Plays on our devouring lips
As our bodies yield and the flesh merges
Together as identities blur and fade
Into the suggestive sculpture
Of an unmade bed


58 thoughts on “Mirror Image

  1. This is lovely, Mr. Cake. It’s almost like you’re a romantic, but that can’t be! πŸ˜‰ It’s a lovely sentiment- the mirror, long lost twin- I’ve felt it before. Feels a lot like love.

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      1. I’m teasing you, honey. There’s romance in a lot of what you do. Covered in dark chocolate but soft and fluffy on the inside. πŸ˜›

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      1. Hmmm I should have been, but my thoughts keep wandering. I intend to devote myself very soon. Glad you enjoyed Bookish, I am contemplating a collection shortly, maybe, possibly.

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  2. Reading some of the comments above, I assume the poem is yours. If so, please accept my warmest congratulations. You have splendidly written down something that I have lived inside and outside me –and also written many times, in many forms- since my teenage.

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