Evolution-Anna Di Mezza
Evolution-Anna Di Mezza 2017
Following my recent post and interview with the exciting Australian artist Anna Di Mezza, I am delighted to share Anna’s wonderful new painting Evolution.

Like all art worthy of the name, Evolution raises more questions and possible interpretations then it is prepared to answer. The following analogies are my subjective opinion alone, which Anna (thankfully) wishes to neither confirm or deny.

In the blanched, washed out afternoon light, three wavering, ghostly young women are in the process of a mysterious dissolution; of being rubbed out, literally erased from the picture. The source of the irradiating unreality is a rip (a tear in the space-time continuum?) in the centre of the composition which is half filled with a column of paint and has almost obscured completely one figure, the remaining lower part of her body is elongated and distorted. The two figures to the right are blurring proportionally to their nearest to the tear.

To deepen the mystery further the only spot of bold colour to be seen is the red in the corner of the cut-off doorway. At first glance the ball (or apple) seems to be floating but upon closer examination appears to actually be in place of a head. At the bottom left of the painting an oddly shaped shadow that apparently belongs to a figure outside of the frame can be seen. The relationship between the main group of three figures, the red ball in the doorway and the shadow is ambiguous and unresolved.

Although it appears to me  that Evolution presents a scene of  disappearance, the title contradicts this interpretation and suggests that actually the figures are evolving into being. Whether it represents a coming into being or an after-image of an hallucination , Evolution is a vivid snapshot from the kind of  nightmare you have while falling to sleep watching a late night movie.

22 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. Another fascinating painting from Anna Di Mezza! Her work is open to several interpretations. Regardless of the artist’s conception, it becomes a force of its own.

    I like your analysis: “Although it appears to me that Evolution presents a scene of disappearance, the title contradicts this interpretation and suggests that actually the figures are evolving into being.”

    The red ball, reminiscent of our life-giving Sun, stands out with its vivid color against the gray monotone, suggesting that it’s central to the theme. Without the Sun, we humans would cease to exist. In this light, it is central to our evolution. Yet we take it for granted. Instead, we place ourselves at the center of the Universe.

    I see the three interconnected dissolving figures of the same woman as the three components of our human personality (Freud): id, ego, and super-ego. Our evolution as moral and compassionate individuals depends upon freeing ourselves from control of the ‘id’ that seeks only personal gratification and everything for one’s self.

    The oddly shaped shadow with a twisted heart-shape remains a mystery to me. Does it depict the dying of our id? Does it reflect the dark influences of the world around us?

    If we as a species fail to evolve into self-conscious beings capable of compassion for each other, we will become just a passing shadow in the evolution of intelligent life on Planet Earth.

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    1. Thank you Rosaliene for your very detailed analysis, I definitely think you maybe on to something there. I will contemplate and get back to you(it is really really late here and this analysis is good for dreams, which is where I do all my best thinking anyway).

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  2. Interesting painting. My mind first interpreted the red orb as being in an open window and perhaps being a red moon or sun. But, perhaps my perspective is off. We are having severe wildfire smoke from Canada drifting south and suffocating this area and each night this week a red sun sets behind the smog…eerie like this.

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