The Erotic Ink of Apollonia Saintclair


Apollonia Saintclair-Les Grandes découvertes (The Age of Discovery)
Apollonia Saintclair-Les Grandes découvertes (The Age of Discovery)
The rather evocatively named Apollonia Saintclair (presumably a pseudonym that conjures up  images, in my mind, at least, of a Bond villainess and a vixen of a heroine in a French libertine novel) provocative and very erotic illustrations have gathered a huge and obsessive following on Instagram and Tumblr for the mysterious, secretive artist.

Saintclair’s veritable pornocupia of fantasies, kinks and fetishes locate sex and desire as the nexus of a wide range of human emotions. Her black and white images are suggestive of pulp, noir and, on occasion, the gleeful decadence of Beardsley and Von Bayros; while shot through with a delightful insolent wit that ranges from the mischievous to the macabre.

In her interviews Saintclair has expressed her admiration for the pioneering photographer and artist Man Ray who was noted for his use of visual puns and rhymes, which quickly became a hallmark of early Surrealism. In drawings such as La Bonne Poire (The Juicy Fruit) and La Trouvaille (There you are), Saintclair expands (in conjuration with their disingenuous titles) the potential of the visual pun that elicits the shock of suppressed recognition from the viewer. The startling La Mort Douce (The Sweet Death) with its inversion of the Biblical tale of St John the Baptist and Salome has, however, far more sinister connotations.

Although obviously well-versed in art history in general and erotic art in particular, and while her work contains echoes of everything from Clovis Trouille’s sultry, sapphic nuns to the ceaseless caresses of octopi in Japanese shunga, Saintclair has developed a unique style with a distinctive contemporary take on eroticism from a vantaged (and still a rarity in erotic art) female perspective.

The English philosopher Francis Bacon is quoted as saying the job of the artist is to always deepen the mystery. While there is nothing more mysterious in human experience than sex, involving as it does the body, mind and soul in conjuration like no other comparable activity, the erotic artist is placed in a paradoxical position. After all, the role of erotic art is, by its very definition, to show and tell. Revealing too much strips away the mystery and the initial charm is soon lost. Revealing  too little, however, means it isn’t erotic art. Apollonia Saintclair performs that miraculous balancing act of showing us just enough to deepen the mystery and leaving us longing for more.

Le silence des cigales (The midnight lights
Apollonia Saintclair- Le silence des cigales (The midnight lights)
Apollonia Saintclair-Les cinq âmes soeurs (The five soulmates)
Apollonia Saintclair-Les cinq âmes soeurs (The five soulmates)
Apollonia Saintclair-La rencontre rapprochée ( The close encounter)
Apollonia Saintclair-La rencontre rapprochée ( The close encounter)
Apollonia Saintclair- La mort douce (The sweet death)
Apollonia Saintclair- La mort douce (The sweet death)
Apollonia Saintclair-La Trouvaille (There you are...)
Apollonia Saintclair-La Trouvaille (There You Are…)
Apollonia Saintclair-La Bonne Poire (The Juicy Fruit) 2016

Apollonia Saintclair
Apollonia Saintclair-L’Itaphalle (Can’t Get of your love, Darling)
Apollonia Saintclair-L'invocation (The summoning)
Apollonia Saintclair-L’invocation (The summoning)
Apollonia Saintclair-L'affût (Lying in wait)
Apollonia Saintclair- L’affût (Lying in wait)

51 thoughts on “The Erotic Ink of Apollonia Saintclair

      1. Come on guy.. be real..

        Go find you a site to help you with that..

        I’m only here for the stories shared.. and the art.. and poetry presented…

        I’m not looking for some fun..

        Wp is not for that..

        Go read some of my stories..
        You will love those..

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      2. Hahahaha..
        aaah man..

        These silly boys..

        They think 💭 everywhere is a chance to hook up…

        They don’t know how to appreciate a good story or art for what it is..
        without seeking some form of connections other than enjoying the article…

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    1. Thank you Roger I am glad you appreciate that as I was quite proud of that one. An introduction to a new artist I trust. I need your wise advise and kind assistance I will shoot you an email later.

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  1. As soon as I’ve seen the first drawing, I’ve thought of Milo Manara 🙂 ! Then, watching the rest, this feeling of mine has grown to the point of wanting to ask this artist about it (but of course, I won’t do).
    To most fans of comics (and I’m one!), Manara is a lasting reference, and his style stays etched in the mind… Frankly, I see much of it here.

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    1. I have heard her name in connection with Milo Manara, but I myself am not that familiar with his work. I think she has a lot of wit and her women are beautiful. Thank you for your comment as always Li.

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  2. I wish I could remember the name of the poem I wrote for the penis shaped mushrooms I came across while hiking a few years ago. I giggled a bunch. I adore that drawing the most. This post proves there are not only talented artists out there I know nothing about, but they are also women with fantastic gumption. Thank you, Mr. Cake

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    1. Thank you Aquileana I am glad you like… I am proud of this post and the mysterious Apollonia kindly shared it on her Tumblr, I am not used to getting that many visitors. I am very well look forward to your comments on my latest posts.

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      1. Hi, Cale!, I was out in a little vacation last week & have been so behind with blogs lately (including my own!)… My apologies for that… I´ll be checking out your updates! This is a great post, so you should be definitely proud! 😀 xo.

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