The Shooting Gallery

The Shooting Gallery XII-Toyen 1939-1940
The Shooting Gallery is a haunting series of lithographs by the enigmatic Toyen, portraying a young girl wandering in a strange and ominous world of dislocations; especially in size and scale. To my mind The Shooting Gallery appears to be a particularly sinister Surrealist sequel to the Alice books.

36 thoughts on “The Shooting Gallery

  1. Mr. Cake, a fabulous series of lithographs. It would be hard not to make the connection with Alice, although these have captured a very dark view of Wonderland. A very enjoyable post, and yes, you do have an eye for great artwork. ~ Miss Cranes

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      1. This is a recently published dual biography of Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell and of course the fictional Alice… It is a brilliant book it is by Robert Douglas Fairhurst… Also recommended is the The Annotated Alice… I am a big fan

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      2. I was joking and referring to the Cheshire Cat’s observation that cats are mad because if you grant that dogs aren’t mad then the behaviour of a cat has to be construed as mad. A brilliant piece of absurd formal logic.

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