The Friends

Les Amies-Germaine Krull 1924
While searching for work by the excellent photographer Germaine Krull (see Dreams of Desire 18) who Man Ray highly admired, I came across her extraordinary series Les Amies (The Friends) which features pairs of female lovers in an intimate setting. The photographs are unashamedly erotic, however unlike similar images taken by Man Ray where the women are objects of the male gaze, here the women are actively involved in acting upon their own sensual desires for themselves.

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15 thoughts on “The Friends

  1. Is this meant to shock the onlooker, as it is erotic in its nature, however look more closely and you will observe a tender relationship between the two woman.


      1. You’re welcome, Mr. Cake. Since yesterday these photos have been on my mind, not because I find them particularly erotic, several of them are quite lovely. There are a couple that seem more in your face, of course no one is shocked, but the women look more like they are playing a game of twister, and there is something unsettling and odd about the large and what I consider unattractive shoes on naked bodies. I am a bit conflicted about this series of photos, it’s as if there is actually two sets, or two series of photos. As I said earlier, an interesting post which has captured my attention for more than a day now, very good. ~ Miss Cranes

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      2. Thank you Miss Cranes you have an interesting take as always. I am honoured to have grabbed your attention. I am in a bit of a dry spell at the moment so the infrequent posts are mainly reposts but there might be a couple that you missed first time round.

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      3. You’re welcome, Mr. Cake. Please know that I’m noy trying to be critical of the work, there is something about some of the photos that I can’t quite put my finger on. Hopefully the dry spell lifts, and yes I am late to all the parties these days, doing my best to make up for that, little by little.

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