The All Seeing Eye

Aurora-Jacob Boehme
No wonder the Surrealist’s found inspiration in old alchemical and occult engravings as its strange symbolism hints toward a deeper reality that cannot be comprehended by reason alone but only in the recesses of the unconscious.

The illustrations to Boehme’s Aurora are a particularly fine example of the early theosophical tradition. Boehme was a German shoemaker and mystic who one day while contemplating upon the exquisite beauty of a beam of sunlight reflected in a pewter dish fell boehme[1]into a visionary state which he believed revealed the spiritual structure of the universe.

His work was a direct influence upon the great English visionary, painter and poet William Blake.

41 thoughts on “The All Seeing Eye

      1. You’re welcome. My husband had to confirm it but it was easy enough. He knows Hebrew, Aramaic, some Latin and some ancient Greek! It was, according to the Gospels, something nailed to the cross of Jesus, probably in sarcasm.


      2. Not at all. That was his specialty, Hebrew/Judaism/languages. You can’t really study biblical Hebrew without also encountering Aramaic. He isn’t elitist at all about knowing what he knows. It’s when you realize how little you know that you realize there is nothing to show off! There is always more to know. 🙂

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      1. The Gospels of Luke and John are the ones that mention the nailing of the sign over Jesus as he hung on the torture stake. (I looked it up.) The inscription is said to have read “Jesus the Nazarene – King of the Jews”. In the artwork of your post though, the four Hebrew letters that form God’s name are apparent in the second line of the top translation. It’s the same as the four letters in your post about circles. It may just be that the artist added them. It isn’t there in the Latin and I have no idea what the Greek says. The Romans were mocking Jesus’ claim to be a king. Jesus never claimed god-ship, the Pharisees made that claim so they would have grounds to put him to death. Perhaps the artist was making some inference about the divinity of Jesus. You might have a better idea about that.

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    1. Thank you Miss Cranes you know the affectation I hold towards the mystics, occultists, confidence tricksters and charismatics I write about with they obsessions, visions and hallucinations. The crooked roads of genius to quote my old friend Blake.

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  1. This post and the previous one are two of my favorites – for the symbolism. For the invitation to pull at the threads and uncover the meanings behind the artwork.

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    1. Absolutely. All mystical systems have basically the same goal, to make you wake up. When you are awake your eyes are open and if you could achieve full awareness, then you would see everything. Thank you for your comments.

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